Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I had the strangest conversation this past weekend. Strange in content. Weird things happen to me all the time. Some times I just call it luck, wishful thinking, or maybe I'm just more observant on some days then others. My brother was having a little envy with the amount of "luck" I have, and that it seems that I always get what I want. 

The conversation started out with my newly acquired bunny. I've been teasing my BF, A.J. every time I see wild rabbits that one day I'll have one. May it be a rescue, or one day I'll surprise him just have one in my arms when he comes home. His rebuttal would be that the cats love the rabbit fur toy, and that a real bunny would be pinned and licked to death by one of them. 

About a couple of months ago, my in-laws were checking up on our house in the desert. Since they live around the corner, it really isn't an inconvenience for them ( it's much appreciated). We were having a really hot, dry week and they stopped by to water my porch plants. While my mom (in-law) was watering my dad (in-law) was checking around the property. He called her around the house because he found something. She told me she thought he might have found a snake, thinking about the worse case scenario

To her surprise and joy, it was a cream colored domestic rabbit. How it got onto my property, or where it could have came from - who knows? The only reason we can come up with on a "why", we leave scratch out for the wild animals, and there is a self watering tray of water for them too. He must have been attracted to it and the semi-safety of a fenced in property. 

From the story told, it was a comical scene of two elderly people ( I'm sorry, one elderly and one good looking wife) running around trying to catch the rabbit. Once the rabbit was in their arms, he was calm. Which means, he was once someone's pet and that he wasn't on his own for very long. 

They took him home and nursed him back into a healthy, less starving animal. With their loving care, he has flourished into a happy, healthy, fun, sweet bunny. There is no better home, then a place where he is attended to, loved and care for. 

The way things worked out, I couldn't have planned it better. The bunny is now "ours", with him being taken care of by the best two animal loving people I know. So, I get to have a little bit of the perks of having a bunny without the difficulty of having to integrate him with my kitties back in the suburbs. 

Mr.Butters is no longer in a crate, but in an open bunny run indoors. See, he's really spoiled. 

O.k., so this is a small example of my powers of wishful thinking. You are probably sitting there shouting in your head that it doesn't work on big things - like where you live, or what your job may be, or who your spouse would be. It has worked for me, and those are good stories to share later.

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  1. i wish wishful thinking worked for me sometimes!! it's great that your parents found him and were able to take care of him...he looks too cute to be out in the wild!



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