Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I had the strangest conversation this past weekend. Strange in content. Weird things happen to me all the time. Some times I just call it luck, wishful thinking, or maybe I'm just more observant on some days then others. My brother was having a little envy with the amount of "luck" I have, and that it seems that I always get what I want. 

The conversation started out with my newly acquired bunny. I've been teasing my BF, A.J. every time I see wild rabbits that one day I'll have one. May it be a rescue, or one day I'll surprise him just have one in my arms when he comes home. His rebuttal would be that the cats love the rabbit fur toy, and that a real bunny would be pinned and licked to death by one of them. 

About a couple of months ago, my in-laws were checking up on our house in the desert. Since they live around the corner, it really isn't an inconvenience for them ( it's much appreciated). We were having a really hot, dry week and they stopped by to water my porch plants. While my mom (in-law) was watering my dad (in-law) was checking around the property. He called her around the house because he found something. She told me she thought he might have found a snake, thinking about the worse case scenario

To her surprise and joy, it was a cream colored domestic rabbit. How it got onto my property, or where it could have came from - who knows? The only reason we can come up with on a "why", we leave scratch out for the wild animals, and there is a self watering tray of water for them too. He must have been attracted to it and the semi-safety of a fenced in property. 

From the story told, it was a comical scene of two elderly people ( I'm sorry, one elderly and one good looking wife) running around trying to catch the rabbit. Once the rabbit was in their arms, he was calm. Which means, he was once someone's pet and that he wasn't on his own for very long. 

They took him home and nursed him back into a healthy, less starving animal. With their loving care, he has flourished into a happy, healthy, fun, sweet bunny. There is no better home, then a place where he is attended to, loved and care for. 

The way things worked out, I couldn't have planned it better. The bunny is now "ours", with him being taken care of by the best two animal loving people I know. So, I get to have a little bit of the perks of having a bunny without the difficulty of having to integrate him with my kitties back in the suburbs. 

Mr.Butters is no longer in a crate, but in an open bunny run indoors. See, he's really spoiled. 

O.k., so this is a small example of my powers of wishful thinking. You are probably sitting there shouting in your head that it doesn't work on big things - like where you live, or what your job may be, or who your spouse would be. It has worked for me, and those are good stories to share later.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Loop

Mindy Gledhill - Bring Me Close

Monday, August 20, 2012

"Fall"ing Pieces

Gearing up for fall has meant changing my mind set. We have been dealing with high temps and humidity lately. Who wants to look at thermals, fur, and boots right now? To let you in on a little secret, now is the time to shop for fall wear. With all the back to school sales and discounts, you can grab some great deals out there.

While shopping this month I had to keep in mind that the colder weather is just right around the corner. What pieces can I wear now and later, things that can see me past till next spring/summer. 
High-low teal skirt. Sure the high-low skirt has been around for awhile now. How many of us have them in several colors? Teal, is a wonderful color for fall/winter. Warm, rich jewel tones are always on point. I'm planning on wearing this skirt with black tights, and boots. Come spring/summer it will be just as pretty with a floral top and wedges. 

Speaking of florals. I've been eye-balling these pretty skirts for some time. Just never had the opportunity to jump on them in time before they sold out. My inner pin-up was screaming at me not to pass this up for the umpteenth time. O.k., o.k. you're probably saying, "Well that isn't very wintery looking.". Hang in there with me. With a sweet little cardigan, in emerald green or burgundy it's the right "transition" skirt.

I finally jumped out of my comfort zone and bought a pair of floral pants. Since last summer I've been teetering on the edge. My main concern was what would I wear with them? Silly me, I was over thinking it. Why, I would wear solids of course. If I was really brave I could throw on a color blazer with it. 

Will the sheers stay on through the fall? You bet. Black is my staple color. Isn't almost everyone's? Layering is commonplace during the cooler months. With sheer tops you can go conservative and wear matching color tank underneath. You can do daring and show how sheer your top can be with color underneath or a pretty print bralette.

I'm into pretty blouses for work. Days will come around when you just don't feel up to par. This blouse can hide a multitude of body image issues. Wear it with slacks, skirt, and my fave tucked in a high-waisted jeans. The perfect compliment to this blouse, which I haven't found yet... a suede vest. We'll see if I can't find one.

I haven't really bought any tanks in while. They more or less seem to be disposable. You only truly love them for a season. Why did I commit to this one? Um, it's black, tough, and I can sweeten it up with my flowy skirts. So yes, it will be a transitional piece for me. Layered with a lace strap bralette, a faux leather jacket it will see me through till next spring. 

Ornate collars are once again here. I find that I tend to hold off on trends. I let the thought simmer and take root before diving in. I like the juxtaposition of the decadence of the gold tone and the sweet vintage look of lace. In the spirit of the necklace I would dress up my sweatshirt and jean outfits with it.

The creme de la creme. The Louise boot by Dr. Martens. Year after year this classic style boot comes back. I can't tell you the hours I've spent pondering on this one. Could it be something I'm willing to invest it? Or will it just be a passing fad for me? Taking into a count the daydreaming hours, and the puddle size drool that I make year after year - it was time. As far as boots go, Dr. Martens are my go to brand. I have always felt that the quality was high, and as long as you take care of them you can have them for years. I think I've spoken about the Oxblood finish that they use to have and how bad I waited them. These boots are close, it's a burgundy rub-off finish. You can rub-off some of the color to change the intensity of the undertone. 

I hope you enjoyed my recent fall/winter pieces. Being able to see my purchases collectively reminds me that I'm done and I don't need to spend anymore this season. Ha, ha it doesn't stop me from daydreaming though. Be sure I'll share those with you too.

*All clothes purchased through, boots

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Packed Lunch

Bento Boxes

Hi ya'll! It's been forever and a day since I've been able to put fingers to keyboard (pen to paper). Nose to the grind, life has been on one of those series of mundane day to day stuff, peppered with amazing events. Last weekend A.J. and I were in the desert and got caught in a monsoonal deluge for 15 minutes. With thunder and lightening, and pea-size hail it was quite exciting and scary. Ha, I guess if something is scary, it's exciting right? 

With the much needed rain soaking into the ground, we wished for a fast clear up so we can watch the heavens for the Perseid meteor shower that evening. So lucky with living out there part time and having the lack of light pollution. We had this amazing show with meteors the size of softballs to little specks streaking against the sky.

Back to the meat of this post...Bento boxes. Bentos are little stacked or portioned out boxes that people use to pack lunches. Since I've been working full-time now I've been slowly putting on the pounds. I think it's inevitable when you only eat out for lunch and your just too tired to work out after work. Not only am I gaining extra poundage, I'm losing money in the process. Yeah, not a good equation. My solution, packed lunches. I can have a healthy lunch with protein, fruit, and veggies everyday all in a cute little carrier. Just like a kid, having something cute makes the whole lunch event feel special.

The fun part of all this, besides the cute ideas I have plan for lunches is picking out a Bento box for myself. Shopping opportunity, oh yes please. Should I say the word "cute" again? There are so many cute  choices for a Bento box design- woodgrain, bears, cats, metallic painted. Le sigh, I was in hog heaven browsing it all. If I had the space to spare, that would be a new collection to start up. I was think I can use them for my make-up, desk storage for rubberbands and paper clips...

So what did I end up with? I'm so giddy. Here she is...

Kotobuki Girl Ninja Bento Set

 I choose something that fits my inner personality, a ninja. Ha, ha it feeds into my secret superhero daydreams. I went for something more of a character design, so that I can keep it out on my kitchen counter for decor and a reminder to pack my lunch.

Just to let you know, I have been doing my best in getting in those work out sessions. It mainly consist of the elliptical and doing yoga. With a healthy diet and exercise I'm well on my way to losing those extra pounds.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Concerts at the Park

Concerts at the Park

Bandeau dress, £24
Quiksilver beach bag tote, $50
Wildfox Couture locket ring, $45
Nickel free jewelry, $9.99
Ray-Ban wayfarer shades, $150

We live near a beautiful city park that holds Sunday summer concerts. You are able to meet your family and friends for a wonderful picnic accompanied by live music. It's a great way to carve out some time and reconnect with everyone. 

This would be an outfit I would choose to wear for such an event. The wedges might be a challenge to traverse the rolling hill-side, but the cuteness factor compensates for that. Small jewelry pieces need to make a come back. The kissing lip earrings and the locket ring are a perfect match for the sweetheart floral dress. For these lady-like pieces, a heavy leather bag takes a back seat to this woven one that's big enough to stash all your personal items, i.e. a sweater. I can't step a foot outside without eye protection and these classic wayfarers never go out of style they practically go with everything. 

Just building this post, makes me pine for those Sunday summers.

Friday, June 01, 2012

LP's... What?

Have you noticed the renewed interest of vinyl records? Growing up I remember sitting in my father's bass guitar case as he was practicing along with a record playing. As I got older I have other memories of scouring stand after stand of albums with my dad, to find The One he didn't have. Time passes and new tech is born, CD's, then MP3 players.   
We have chosen physical space over sound quality. We have tucked away our past into garages, basements, to see the light of day in yard sales and swap meets. It's a little sad that we don't value the past as we should.
A.J. and I have rediscovered our love of vinyl. For the past 10+ years, we've been sitting on a player and records in the garage. So what made me dig them out again? That my friend did happen because of the trend. I saw the Crosley CR249 Portable USB Turntable, previously posted here. I fell in love with the vintage portable look. What good was a new player if I never played the records I own now.
A.J. was spying over my shoulder and took it upon himself to do a bit of research. With so many brands and features to take into a count for a new player, and for both of us to give a thumbs up it took awhile to find one. I gave up the vintage look for quality. We ended up with the Audio Technica ATLP120. For reasons that I can understand, (because I'm not a techie) the stylist cartridge is interchangeable, and the weight of the arm can be adjusted. With these functions, the turntable will have less wear and tear on my vinyl, and we will be able to get a better sound quality off of it.
 Lo and behold A.J. was right. O.k., that was unfair for me to say. He is the tech genius around here. Listening to our old and new vinyl has been a treat. The sound coming off the vinyl does have a richer and warmer quality, dare I say human? I didn't realized how much I've missed that, or that I was even missing it all these years listening to MP3's. 

Now, do I recommend vinyl? If you have a player and LP's lying around, give it a whirl. Dig them up out of boxes and dust off that player. If it can bring back good memories, and help you create new ones why not invest?

Just Me

I know that posts have been none existent for what seems like forever. I needed some time to settle into my life. In what was a short period of time I had big changes to deal with. I have shared a little here and there about them. The new house for one, and two- a new job.

I also felt a little lost when it came to this blog. What did I want to accomplish with it, where did I see this all going. I've really felt that I was looking for guidance, but in doing so I lost myself and started following the trends a bit too much. It just wasn't me, or who I wanted to be. 

I want to get back to me- good, bad, funny, angry, sad. All of the emotional mess, that comes with being human. So I will no longer be keeping to a time schedule, or a format of any kind. If I come across something awesome, I'll share it. If I need moments to vent, I will. If something amazing happens in my personal life, you'll get to share that too. This blog will no longer be a place to brag or sugar coat my life. I promise to have it be as honest as I can make it.

Thank you for checking out this post.
w/<3 Albee

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Touch of Spring

A Touch of Spring

Wallis button sweater
£10 -

Cropped jacket
£17 -

Dolce&Gabbana 5 pocket pants
£259 -

Type Z high heel shoes
$49 -

American Apparel clutch bag
$28 -

Stone jewelry
$30 -

Celebrate Sagitarians

Are you like me and casually follow your daily horoscope? I think it's just something to think about for a whooping 5 seconds of the day. I also find it interesting to read what your character traits are suppose to be for your zodiac sign. I came across Zodiacchic on tumbler recently, and found myself reading through the 60+ traits us Sagitarians are suppose to follow. I would have to say I am 98% right on the money with these little facts. It's a good way to validate my craziness, and celebrate my oddness. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one. 

I thought this little fact was appropriate for this blog.

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