Friday, June 01, 2012

Just Me

I know that posts have been none existent for what seems like forever. I needed some time to settle into my life. In what was a short period of time I had big changes to deal with. I have shared a little here and there about them. The new house for one, and two- a new job.

I also felt a little lost when it came to this blog. What did I want to accomplish with it, where did I see this all going. I've really felt that I was looking for guidance, but in doing so I lost myself and started following the trends a bit too much. It just wasn't me, or who I wanted to be. 

I want to get back to me- good, bad, funny, angry, sad. All of the emotional mess, that comes with being human. So I will no longer be keeping to a time schedule, or a format of any kind. If I come across something awesome, I'll share it. If I need moments to vent, I will. If something amazing happens in my personal life, you'll get to share that too. This blog will no longer be a place to brag or sugar coat my life. I promise to have it be as honest as I can make it.

Thank you for checking out this post.
w/<3 Albee

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