Thursday, August 16, 2012

Packed Lunch

Bento Boxes

Hi ya'll! It's been forever and a day since I've been able to put fingers to keyboard (pen to paper). Nose to the grind, life has been on one of those series of mundane day to day stuff, peppered with amazing events. Last weekend A.J. and I were in the desert and got caught in a monsoonal deluge for 15 minutes. With thunder and lightening, and pea-size hail it was quite exciting and scary. Ha, I guess if something is scary, it's exciting right? 

With the much needed rain soaking into the ground, we wished for a fast clear up so we can watch the heavens for the Perseid meteor shower that evening. So lucky with living out there part time and having the lack of light pollution. We had this amazing show with meteors the size of softballs to little specks streaking against the sky.

Back to the meat of this post...Bento boxes. Bentos are little stacked or portioned out boxes that people use to pack lunches. Since I've been working full-time now I've been slowly putting on the pounds. I think it's inevitable when you only eat out for lunch and your just too tired to work out after work. Not only am I gaining extra poundage, I'm losing money in the process. Yeah, not a good equation. My solution, packed lunches. I can have a healthy lunch with protein, fruit, and veggies everyday all in a cute little carrier. Just like a kid, having something cute makes the whole lunch event feel special.

The fun part of all this, besides the cute ideas I have plan for lunches is picking out a Bento box for myself. Shopping opportunity, oh yes please. Should I say the word "cute" again? There are so many cute  choices for a Bento box design- woodgrain, bears, cats, metallic painted. Le sigh, I was in hog heaven browsing it all. If I had the space to spare, that would be a new collection to start up. I was think I can use them for my make-up, desk storage for rubberbands and paper clips...

So what did I end up with? I'm so giddy. Here she is...

Kotobuki Girl Ninja Bento Set

 I choose something that fits my inner personality, a ninja. Ha, ha it feeds into my secret superhero daydreams. I went for something more of a character design, so that I can keep it out on my kitchen counter for decor and a reminder to pack my lunch.

Just to let you know, I have been doing my best in getting in those work out sessions. It mainly consist of the elliptical and doing yoga. With a healthy diet and exercise I'm well on my way to losing those extra pounds.

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