Friday, October 07, 2011

Inspiration Board: Uncomplicated

I love my neutrals, I'm beige (ha ha). The best way for me to incorporate color into my life is by one color at a time. The whole blocking trend threw me for a loop and so took me out of my comfort zone. Besides it's easier to get dress in the morning when you know you'll just be wearing 2 colors all day. This berry color blouse is gorgeous and I think I've all ready posted the emerald version in my last inspiration board.
Living in So Cal. I'm all for wearing shorts in the fall. A pair of tights is a must, unless you don't mind the goosebumps on you legs all day, that's such a great look when your legs are turning blue and you have old ladies shaking their heads at you. I can say that with experience behind me. To balance out the shorts and kitty heels, I would wear a sweater to cover up my arms.  I like the classic look of this cardigan, something you can hold on to for a few seasons and be able to wear with your fave jeans, and midi skirts. 

I'm a large tote kind of gal. Anything I carry has to be large enough for anything and everything. If you are a mom or just take care of little ones, you know you need a large carry all. I always made fun of the moms that look like bag ladies with 3+ totes. I just love the "what's in my bag" and they only have 5 items in there. I wish that I can cut down like that. I'm in the large percentage of the population that carries the 12 pounds of stuff around. This one looks ideal, in the structure and sturdiness plus the extra pockets are always a bonus.
Lately my choice in costume jewelry has been leaning towards brass, nature inspired, and rings with large stones on them. I think these pieces are modern with a nod to vintage. I've recently picked up a brass locket that I've been wearing none stop. I'll share soon (cross my heart). 
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xo- Albee

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  1. i love sweaters and shorts. that's a great cardi and i love that bright red bow top!


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