Friday, October 07, 2011

Pick of the Day: Serendipitous

I really need to be saving the green to furnish my new place. I just couldn't pass up this shrug. I'm so happy that I've bypassed a  million, gazillion ones I've seen on the web and at the mall. I've been obsessing over this cross-stitch print before, I think it was in the Spring. I first saw it as a wall decal on someone's blog, I just can't remember at the moment. That with the combination of wanting to own a black base floral print item for awhile now, this is serendipitous.

I've also been in love with the runway looks for S/S 2012. The high waisted black shorts seem to be the one item that was a must have for me. These are great with the clean fronts and the high nipped in waist.

Items can be found at


  1. I love that top!! (:

  2. nice...looks like one of those warm, yet cool cover-ups, and i like the black base as well.

    i just did a somewhat major f21 hail today, too. tsk, tsk, lol!!! i should be saving up for christmas!

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  3. The shrug is unreal, worth it!! How much was it??? I think I might need one! Eeeeeeek ;)

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  4. I've been kind of wanting a pair of high-waisted black shorts too. Do you watch Project Runway? Where Burt did the little black shorts under a diaphanous 70's number? I LOVED it. I wanted to be on a holiday with a big hat wearing it right now. :)


  5. Thanks Kimberly!

    oomph- I'm not sure how warm it will be, but for weather it will be just fine. I can also see it layered with a moto jacket. Ha ha, darn F21- they get you every time! I know I can't believe how quickly the holidays are coming up.

    Shantik- I think it was less then $28.00, which seems to be what those types of shrugs are going for. So not much of a bargain. One of the reasons I held out for something I just couldn't live without.

    The Suburb Experiment- I have the perfect black and cream top to wear with those shorts. It has a cute black bow on the collar. Too bad it'll be tucked away till get gets warmer again.

    Thanks for the comments dolls. Have a good day.xo-Albee

  6. i really love that black floral top! it's nice and light and very cute!!!

  7. so in love with this. thanks for sharing love. If you get a second I'd love to hear what you think of my latest ring obsessed post. xo


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