Friday, October 21, 2011

Living Room

Our first disagreement was about the location of the t.v. for the living room. The conversation went something like this.

Adam- " I like it the way P&B had it, with the t.v. in the corner."

Al- " Of course you did, you never had to sit at an angle, to the side right up close to it to watch a show. It sucks and I'm not doing it in my own home."

Adam- " So where do you want it?"

Al- " In the middle of the window, that way it can be a media wall and we can divide the living space and the kitchen with the sofa and console. Everyone will have good seating to watch the t.v."

Adam- " That's how it is at the apt, we're in the desert to enjoy the outdoors and company."

Of course at this time I let out a big sigh. Do I keep fighting my fight or just give in for now? By the time we stepped foot back into the house, I changed my mind. I like that it's one big room for the living and kitchen area. I want to keep it open. P&B floor plan will work just fine, this time the t.v. will be 4 feet off the corner the love seat to the left and coffee table in front of it, two chairs and a side table will be facing the sofa. That way the t.v. isn't the focus, the seating faces one another and conversations can be easily made. The t.v. will be visible from the dining area and kitchen.

That leaves a 3' space in the one corner and a 6' x 4', in the other. Adam has been pressuring me on what I'll be putting in those spaces. I like the idea of stacked vintage suitcases for storage for the smaller corner and maybe a record player stand in the 6' x 4' corner. My poor records and player are just gathering dust in the garage. Maybe a bar cart? 

On my shopping excursion to Target yesterday I can across a t.v. stand that I liked. I should have just picked it up, but thought better of it and wanted to discuss it with Adam. He's o.k. with it, I think it helped that the first one I liked was $60.00 more then this one. 

Room Essentials® TV Stand with Sliding Door in Espresso- $69.99

It hits the right tone for the house. I want an easy, unfussy line with a mid-century influence. It's a fit for our '58 home. 

Next was our two chairs. I really wanted these.

Mitchell Armless Chair in Green Floral - $99.99 each

For a hundred a piece it was a hard sell at home. We went back to our argument of price versus necessity. He wants folding camping chairs that we can take out to the porch for extra seating. I told him I didn't want dirty chairs coming in and out of the house, plastic patio ones are not acceptable either. We were at a stand still. Thank goodness camping chairs and patio furniture are out of season to purchase at the stores. The compromise are these butterfly chairs.


Gray Butterfly Chair - $29.99

We are still in need of patio seating. I might have to swing by an IKEA for folding ones. We'll see. All furniture pieces shown can be purchased at Target.



  1. The butterfly chairs looks really comfy :)

  2. Thanks Dora,I hope they work out. Crossing my fingers that I don't have to return them. Diffidently will be taking some pics this weekend. Thanks for commenting and keeping in touch with my blog and myself. have a good day/night. xo- Albee

  3. I really love the floral chair, not sure my boyfriend would ever go for something that feminine tho! :(


  4. Hey Love. In honor of my Birthday today I'm doing a major $150 gift card to my favorite jewelry designer's website. I hope you'll join. xo

  5. Hi, honey!
    You have cute blog!
    I follow you, follow me?

  6. the floral chair is really cute! anyways, just dropping in to say HI. hope all is well.

    What's the next line? Help write the story!


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