Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Fall To Pieces

Early this morning I was in the mood for a little bit of old country and had my playlist to Patsy and Parton. It reflects in what I had chosen to wear today. I'm wearing my favorite v-neck tee from UO ages ago. It's now in the perfect stage of softness/sheerness. When this shirt first came out I was attending a Death Cab concert, I could have sworn I saw at least 4 chicks wearing it that night.

The flannel is actually the first one that I purchased that fits as a layering piece from F21. Funny story- I was out at a wine and beer festival and saw this rad chick. I was so jocking her look of a flannel over a tank and jeans. For some reason I fell in love with her easy look. I kept staring just trying to figure out why I couldn't look away. It dawned on me, it was the flannel. The silly thing of it was is that I all ready owned it. 

The DIY rolled up cut-offs were a BF cast off. Nooooo, they were a pair of pants and then I cut them to shorts, ha ha. Lucky me his waist is the same as mine and they fit perfectly. The downside to the story- Now that I'm scoping the thrift stores for Levis, do I give him first pick? 

The f21 shoes you've seen countless times, I'm going to be so bummed the day I have to retire them. The red cotton fringe handbag was a steal through Karmaloop, I only wish I bought the black one too.There you have it, my easy peesy outfit of the day. 


  1. sometimes you just need to see things in a new light, and that girl helped you see that! i need a good flanel...i have plaid shirts, but not a true flannel. guess cause it's too hot here!


  2. oomph- I loved the way she wore it, now I remember she had a light spring scarf and a fedora too. Very central CA. Ha ha, I guess you wouldn't have a need for a flannel (lucky you). I just threw mine over for a light cover up on our cloudy mornings. Thanks for commenting hun. Hope you have a good rest of your day.

    xx- Albee

  3. Just stumbled across your bog! I followed :) Love this outfit! It's casual and yet still put together!

    Great Post
    Come visit me @:
    Fashion Infactuation

  4. AnneBallo- Thank you for the comment and the support :) Loving your blog and I'm super excited to be following you right back.

    xx- Albee

  5. great grunge chic look! i love a flannel, and shorts and boots are a fave of mine!

    BTW, got a pair of those cute JC knock-offs from GoJane. thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the boots with it. You look so relaxed but put together! I think it's the toughest style to do, actually.


  7. Claire- Thanks so much. It's actually one of my fave style to do. It's so comfortable and can be worn here (beach side) to the desert. I might just hang on to this look for fall and swap out the shirt for a knit sweater, and bare legs for tights.

    I received my boots late last night and I love them. Which color did you decide on?

    xx- Albee

  8. Jenn- Thanks :), I agree. How do you wear this look w/o looking too relax and dare I say trashy. I think that the choice of accessories and shoes makes a difference. I should have piled on some bracelets or something- next time.

    Thanks for the comment. I hope that you are enjoying your day.

    xx- Albee


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