Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Purchases

I know that it has been less then a week since I posted something I just purchased. Here's the deal, do you remember the two tops I bought at F21? The floral bustier and the peach wrap top? Well, they didn't fit. I don't know what's going on right now, but my hoo hoo's are bigger then they use to be. No, I'm not prego nor Just carrying extra weight, because 1. I hate working out 2. I'm eating out more often 3. STRESS. Anyway, I decided to use my gift card right away and order something new.

Lace Crop Jacket $14.80

Leopard Print Pleat Skirt $19.80

Cozy Knit Cardigan in Dark Brown $12.50

Textured Floral Clutch $5.80

If you did the math I had to pay a little more then what my return was. SMH, With two of the items being cardigans I know I'm not returning them. I'm pretty happy in starting my Fall shopping right now. The lace cardi reminds me of the bed jackets of the 20's. I actually have a vintage peach one that I hardly wear because I deemed it too precious. Instead of a leopard blouse I went with a skirt. I can wear it now with tanks and later with sweaters and tights. Oh wouldn't it look cute with a moto jacket? You've seen me swooning over this knit cardigan before. Since they carry it in 8 different colors and for the price they're going for it was a tough decision to make. I opted for the dark brown, it will look amazing next to greens, oranges, and berry colors that I'm planning on wearing. Did I need another clutch in my arsenal? Noooo, but I'm always struggling for something girly for the day with black accents. 

So there you have it, am I happy now? Ha Ha, happy with glee. 

<3 & xx- Albee


  1. i love that black lacy top! it's so gorgeous and would work with so many things! i also love your leopard skirt. very cute.

  2. Claire- I can't wait to receive those in the post today. The lace cardi will diff be one of those pieces that will get be in heavy rotation. Thanks for the comment hun.
    xx- Albee

  3. can't wait to see that leopard skirt on! those gift cards/credits make suckers out of us! i mean, what do you do with the left over $2.37?? obviously apply it to another item which, of course, is more than $2.37, lol!

    great finds!


  4. oomph- I have a job interview next Monday and I'm really tempted to wear the skirt. It's a department store position so I think it'll be o.k. I was thinking of wearing it w/my cream lace top and a blazer.
    Yes, those gift cards sucker us in, ha ha. It just keeps you coming back for more. Thanks for commenting, hope your having a great day.
    xx- Albee


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