Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Save Our Desert

 Remember when I said, I would post some outfits in the desert. What the heck was I thinking? Oh yeah, it's unbelievably beautiful out there. As I didn't get the chance to this past weekend, (it's right up there on things to do before the weather changes and it gets chilly) I was made aware of the community happenings.

What makes this area so special is it's pristine vistas and beautiful hill sides. Through the years the close knit community have been fighting to keep the desert just the way it is. Now they are trying to save 3 untouched buttes that can be seen miles around. The plan is to stop the development of more wind turbines that would destroy the night sky with light pollution, cut in access roads of the side of the buttes, take away animal habitat, and possibly disrupting native artifacts. These are some of the reasons why the windmills should not be built and set up there. You may read more about the cause here: I would appreciate the support in printing out or writing a letter to discourage the development of such projects in the high desert.

Black Lave Butte- source

Thank you in advance for your effort and support in saving our California deserts.

<3 & xx- Albee


  1. Strawberry Freckleface- Thanks for commenting. I was hoping that this post wouldn't get lost in the daily what's it. I really hope they succeed in keeping the buttes untouched.

    Much <3- Albee


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