Monday, August 01, 2011

Simple As It Gets

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty relaxing as I spent most of the day watching t.v., from Nascar races, to silly movies on Netflix like The Evil Dead. If you haven't seen that film yet and you love gory old zombie movies, it's a cult classic. It isn't a film for the faint of heart if gushing blood and dismemberment bothers you. If it is the kind of film you would enjoy know that is the first of the three installments to the Evil Dead trilogy.

Back to today's happenings. It's another gorgeous day out here and I've finally taken to wearing shorts instead of jeans. Ha ha, I'm still in a tee though :) 

I was taken with this fedora for the sheer simplicity of it. There are no bells and whistles, feathers, or ribbon. I was looking for something that I can easy change the look of it if I wished to. Today I had fastened one of my many floral pins to the brim. Looking at it now, I guess that I could have also attached a gingham ribbon around too. The sunnies you've seen before, my $10.00 pair of Vans from Karmaloop. The tee is a worn slub v-neck from F21 a year ago. The white shorts you've seen here and were purchased at OldNavy. The shoes are new and were a steal for less than $6.00 at F21 seen in this post here.

Aaron and I went to Cafe Rio for lunch and for the life of me I thought I didn't bring my little point and shoot. When you carry a handbag with a gazillion pockets, you will bypass one by mistake. It was my first time there and I wasn't disappointed. For what would cost a meal at MickieD's, I had a cheese enchilada, black beans, rice, side salad, and a Horchata. It was so yummy and we were there at the perfect time, before all the suits were out for lunch. Next visit there I will diffidently be taking pics of my food. My local Cafe Rio is located at 

1800 Rosecrans Ave. Suite G
Manhattan Beach, Ca. 90266



  1. LOVE the fedora. it took me a while to find a plain one, but finally did via ideeli. love the addition of the flower. i could eat mexican every day and not get sick of it. chicken enchiladas are my thing :)


  2. Thanks oomph :)I think that I've had mexican food 3 times this past week. My cravings come and go, but this one seems to be sticking around. I just love it no matter what combination the food comes to me as.
    I'm really thinking about investing in a wool fedora for fall. I adore hats but rarely wear them. I do find myself wearing a lot of hoodies come cooler weather and a hat might be the the thing to amp up my looks. I'll sit on that thought for a little while longer or until I find a fedora I can't pass up, hee hee.
    <3 Albee


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