Thursday, August 11, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Terra Form

Good afternoon! The plan for today is to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. The weather has started to cool down with our coastal fog, so it's perfect for baking. 

I received my packages of recent purchases in the post yesterday. The swimsuit is awesome. I was a little concerned about not having a neck tie with it, but it's snug enough that I wouldn't be flashing anyone. I also am happy with the back coverage of the bottom. I don't know about you, but seriously- I don't need to show so much cheek. You can see the swimsuit I purchased here.

The next package was my olive boots from I opened the box this morning and they were exactly what I was expecting. They're super cute. Remember when I said that they can literally go with everything in my closet? They soooo can. 

Today I'm wearing the new boots with a dress that I thrifted a couple months ago at my local" SallyAnn". The dress was stuck in the skirt section and as I pulled it out I thought the top portion was a little funny to be a skirt. I shrugged my shoulders and thought I can just wear it as a dress too. There is no label to the dress, and I really think it's handmade- the stitching doesn't look factory made. The belt is one of my favorites, I love the double buckle and cream crochet part. I think it's the one I grab the most for my maxi dresses, and plain rompers. This weeks hand bag, I'm sticking to the cotton fringe one from Karmaloop. I'm not one to change a bag to coordinate with my outfits. I go through phases. No accessories today, I've been rushing out the door and never seem to have the time to don on a bracelet, earrings, rings. I should try harder (sheepish smile).

With out further to do:

Seriously windy today, and I decided to just go with it.

A close up of my new favorite boot.


  1. ok, those are some cool boots...and they look comfy! (are these the new gojanes? you mentioned olive...wasn't sure if that was the name/style or color, as these look gray?)


  2. oomph- oops, yes they are the new GoJane boots. I was a little bit apprehensive about the purchase. In some of the photos the shoe looks grey and others it's olive. I would say that the first photo is the true color and the second is with a lot of light that washes it into a grey. How about olive with a wash of grey? That probably just confuses everyone more, sorry it's the best I can do.
    I love them, and they fit true to size. I should have went a half size up if I were to wear them with pants tucked in. The alternative would be to roll the pant hem up. Works for me either way.
    Thanks for the comment. Hope my answer helped.
    xx- Albee

  3. Definitely some rockin boots! Glad they were what you wanted. The dress and this awesome belt are a perfect match to debut your new boots!


  4. love the boots :)

    your newest followre Michelle

  5. Oh~ I love your new boots~ It goes so well with that dress! I can't wait till spring gets here where I am~

  6. amazing look!love the booties!

  7. Style Journey- Heather, thanks for the comment. I don't know why it's taken me so long to photograph the dress. It's just such an easy piece to wear. I guess I was waiting for the right shoes, ha ha.

    Michelle Lee- I'm beyond thrilled with them. I can't wait to wear them more often when the weather gets cooler. Thanks for subscribing, I appreciate the support.

    PopBlush- These will diffidently be a seasonal transition boot. Fall for me, Spring for you :)

    margaritats- Awe, thank you. I'm so giddy over these boots. Wearing flats all the time it was a little awkward driving. I realized that I miss the height a wedge can give the 5' and under set.

    Thank you for the responses. I wish you all a great weekend. xx- Albee

  8. thewishingblood- Thanks for the compliment :)

    xx- Albee

  9. Those boots are gorgeous! I wish I were brave enough to try a pair of those. Its always a score when you find something in the wrong place and it ends up being your new favorite dress.


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