Friday, August 26, 2011

Movie of the Week: UnderWorld Trilogy + One

So, browsing through recent film trailers on Hulu. I came across the new trailer for UnderWorld: Awakening. With all the brew ha ha, about the teen vampire stories it's a nice change to go back to something more basic. A world that we don't forget that besides once being human first and foremost they are "other". The new chapter to the UnderWorld story is set 12 years after Selene and Michael kill the original Lycan and Vampire. It's good to see Kate Beckinsale reprise her role as Selene as she navigates this new world where humans are aware of the "monsters" that walks among them. 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it might just be high time you caught up. I would start watching the films in the order in which they were originally released. Starting with UnderWorld, UnderWorld: Evolution, UnderWorld: Rise of the Lycans. Even though the third film is a prequel, I enjoyed the story in the order it is told. I'm a huge monster film fan, and this story doesn't disappoint in it's originality and in depth character development. 

UnderWorld: Awakening



  1. haha, yeah, i'm one who doesn't know what you are talking about! i'll have to start from the beginning! i love kate beckinsale...but is this a SCARY series?? i'm a big chicken, lol!

  2. I love Underworld! :D


    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Brilliant callback. Speaking of brilliant, Bill Nighy as Viktor.


  4. oomph- I wouldn't say scary, really action pack and a little bloody. In the first film you can tell if you like the movie by the first 10 minutes. The premise of the film is wonderful as it's wrapped up in drama and action. I love the series.

    Hope you're having a great weekend. xx- Albee

  5. Sick By Trend- I <3 it too and watch the films at least twice a year or when ever I can catch it on t.v. Thanks for commenting. xx- Albee

  6. Bad Joan- I have to agree, he's brilliant. How can anyone work with make-up and convey an amazing range of emotion is beyond me. Thanks for the comment. xx- Albee

  7. I love underworld,
    although I only saw the first one!

  8. Gabrielle- Thanks for the comment. I must encourage you to watch the following films of the story. I think it brings wonderful closure to the explanation to the start of the war between species. I know I sound like a nerd, but I <3 the films :)
    xx- Albee

  9. I should see these movies. I'm so behind on films, especially since I had my girls! Thanks for the heads up on the film!


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