Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Picnic Wear

Summer vacay is almost done. I have my brother counting down the days till school starts back up. Boooo! So to soak up as much fun as possible and enjoy the beautiful mild weather we've been having we decided on a picnic at the park. 

In the middle of summer the local mini botanical gardens were so dry. Of course the only thing that is thriving is the cactus garden. 

You have seen this romper before, but the belt is new. I almost lost it at the grocery store earlier in the day. I had my brother tell me that I was undressing while in the check out line. Super embarrassed that my belt came undone.

We had a great time enjoying our lunch spread even though we were fighting a losing battle with intruders. Namely this guy.
I'm such a sucker and gave in. I had to throw some bread his way.

Of course I forgot to do something important and couldn't go home after lunch. To make a trip to the bank more enjoyable I went to the one near the beach. I saw the artist painting this mural about a month ago. It turned out really nice, it's so weird that you really can't see all the details off the street. I guess it's really for all the pedestrians cutting across the alleyway.

If you are ever down in Hermosa beach the mural is located off the pier avenue parking structure (north facing). 

So my day is at an end. I shouldn't say that, it's the start of my evening.

<3 & xx- Albee


  1. i love a picnic at the park! it's so much fun. we do it at least once a week. i love that romper and i have that exact same belt. isn't it the best?!!!

  2. Claire- Dining outside is one of my all time favorite things to do. I love going to the park now just to enjoy the wide open spaces, it's hard to come by living in the city/suburbs.
    I have a black belt just like this one. I bought the pink for this romper, it needed a little something.
    Thanks for commenting, and I hope you have a wonderful evening.
    xx- Albee


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