Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Can't Pull Me Away From A Good Thing

Floral Lace Bustier $17.80

Pleated Peplum Top $22.80
High Rise Corduroy Hot Short $17.80

Cancun Vacation Cami $12.50
Gradated Leopard Contrast Top $15.80

 Paisley Filigree Earrings $4.80

Gothic Panel Ring $4.80

Simply Cute Tennis Shoes $5.50

I'm not sure I have a signature style. Looking at these items I can see I'm all around the board, from 50's pinup, to 20's glamour, 70's sufer, 80's vacay, to a more modern grey tunic. I have been really trying to give myself a monthly clothing allowance and really sticking to it. This is an accumulation of things I've purchased last month and this month. You are still able to buy these on the site, and to let you know the cami also comes in white and red and the tennis shoes come in 7 different colors. When I wear something in a post I'll start referencing my hauls. I tend to shop at places that I can get the most style for my money with out having to pay extra for alterations. For now, places like Forever21 are my go to on price and fit.

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