Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Back Into the Swing of Things

Trying desperately to get back into the swing of things. Why would I feel so desperate, you ask?  The past few weeks have been harry around here. A visit from family and all that details. A week full of job interviews. The start of another school year. O.k. mind you that my brother is my brother, and I worry just like a mom. It must be the huge age gap between us (18 years).
I'm taking the moment to jump start a change of personal perspective. Why not, anyone can do it. It's time to be a woman of action, ha ha. Starting off to being newly committed to this blog. I do love it and like all things you love you can take it for granted. Does this sound like an echo of something I wrote a couple of months ago? Scratch that. Starting over remember?

Here is an outfit of the day post. I have been continuing to do light shopping here and there. One of my new purchases is this denim skirt from F21. I know, where else would I have purchased it from? The cotton floral blouse is from a local boutique quite a while ago. With a skirt this length, on me hits a little above my ankle. To balance out all this fabric I chose to wear my Danys. Open toed and tall it lengthens my legs. 

- Green Floral Blouse: Local Boutique

- Denim Skirt: F21

- Jessica Simpson Danys:

Don't mind the angle, just trying to get use to the tripod again :)
Readers- Thank you for your continuous support and I really do appreciate all the lovely comments you leave behind. Have a wonderful day. - Albee

Friday, August 26, 2011

Movie of the Week: UnderWorld Trilogy + One

So, browsing through recent film trailers on Hulu. I came across the new trailer for UnderWorld: Awakening. With all the brew ha ha, about the teen vampire stories it's a nice change to go back to something more basic. A world that we don't forget that besides once being human first and foremost they are "other". The new chapter to the UnderWorld story is set 12 years after Selene and Michael kill the original Lycan and Vampire. It's good to see Kate Beckinsale reprise her role as Selene as she navigates this new world where humans are aware of the "monsters" that walks among them. 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it might just be high time you caught up. I would start watching the films in the order in which they were originally released. Starting with UnderWorld, UnderWorld: Evolution, UnderWorld: Rise of the Lycans. Even though the third film is a prequel, I enjoyed the story in the order it is told. I'm a huge monster film fan, and this story doesn't disappoint in it's originality and in depth character development. 

UnderWorld: Awakening


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Loop of the Day: Want You Gone

I finished the Portal 2 game, YAY! I couldn't have been able to get through it without my brother's help. I can't tell you the hours, the frustration and the near tears that welled up in my eyes. So my conclusion is that I must own this game. With my brother starting school soon, what am I going to do all by my lonesome? O.k., don't answer that. I do have other productive things to do then spend all my time on video games- but this one is so much fun. 

I hope that everyone has had a productive day and has also felt some kind of accomplishment :)

w/<3- Albee

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Studded Boots

Have you been crushing on a pair of studded shoes too? 
Studded Workman Boots

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Feathers and Fur

Feathers and Fur

TopShop sweatshirt hoody
$45 -

H M long tank top
£7.99 -

Daytrip faux fur coat
$49 -

Old Navy straight jeans
$20 -

Zara suede booties
$16 -

Fringe handbag
€30 -

ASOS stretchy bracelet
$26 -

Maria Nilsdotter ruby ring
£285 -

I received my coat in the post yesterday and I can't wait for the weather to change so I can debut it for you. FYI- the coat has a cute lace trim at the end of the sleeves that are barely noticeable, but still a cute detail. In the mean time I had put together a set to show one of the many ways I would wear it. For my go-to, everyday wear this outfit would be it. I love the layers, and living in So. Cal it's almost mandatory to wear a coat, sweater, and tank during our colder seasons. You just never know what you'll be doing, and what the central air will be like inside the stores :) I had chosen items that are basic and that every girl must own some version of. The fringe handbag and the spiky bracelet are my favorites that I don't all ready own but will diffidently be keeping an eye out for.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Daydream

Jeffrey Campbell
Lana Platform Boot
Woven Stripe

High on my wish list.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Terra Form

Good afternoon! The plan for today is to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. The weather has started to cool down with our coastal fog, so it's perfect for baking. 

I received my packages of recent purchases in the post yesterday. The swimsuit is awesome. I was a little concerned about not having a neck tie with it, but it's snug enough that I wouldn't be flashing anyone. I also am happy with the back coverage of the bottom. I don't know about you, but seriously- I don't need to show so much cheek. You can see the swimsuit I purchased here.

The next package was my olive boots from I opened the box this morning and they were exactly what I was expecting. They're super cute. Remember when I said that they can literally go with everything in my closet? They soooo can. 

Today I'm wearing the new boots with a dress that I thrifted a couple months ago at my local" SallyAnn". The dress was stuck in the skirt section and as I pulled it out I thought the top portion was a little funny to be a skirt. I shrugged my shoulders and thought I can just wear it as a dress too. There is no label to the dress, and I really think it's handmade- the stitching doesn't look factory made. The belt is one of my favorites, I love the double buckle and cream crochet part. I think it's the one I grab the most for my maxi dresses, and plain rompers. This weeks hand bag, I'm sticking to the cotton fringe one from Karmaloop. I'm not one to change a bag to coordinate with my outfits. I go through phases. No accessories today, I've been rushing out the door and never seem to have the time to don on a bracelet, earrings, rings. I should try harder (sheepish smile).

With out further to do:

Seriously windy today, and I decided to just go with it.

A close up of my new favorite boot.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Fall To Pieces

Early this morning I was in the mood for a little bit of old country and had my playlist to Patsy and Parton. It reflects in what I had chosen to wear today. I'm wearing my favorite v-neck tee from UO ages ago. It's now in the perfect stage of softness/sheerness. When this shirt first came out I was attending a Death Cab concert, I could have sworn I saw at least 4 chicks wearing it that night.

The flannel is actually the first one that I purchased that fits as a layering piece from F21. Funny story- I was out at a wine and beer festival and saw this rad chick. I was so jocking her look of a flannel over a tank and jeans. For some reason I fell in love with her easy look. I kept staring just trying to figure out why I couldn't look away. It dawned on me, it was the flannel. The silly thing of it was is that I all ready owned it. 

The DIY rolled up cut-offs were a BF cast off. Nooooo, they were a pair of pants and then I cut them to shorts, ha ha. Lucky me his waist is the same as mine and they fit perfectly. The downside to the story- Now that I'm scoping the thrift stores for Levis, do I give him first pick? 

The f21 shoes you've seen countless times, I'm going to be so bummed the day I have to retire them. The red cotton fringe handbag was a steal through Karmaloop, I only wish I bought the black one too.There you have it, my easy peesy outfit of the day. 

Faux Sure

It's almost that time of year again. It doesn't matter where you live we all go through it. The chilly mornings, that make it tough to roll out of bed and lay your feet on the cold floor. Running to the thermostat or heater to turn it up so you can thaw out faster. How about when your cup of joe or tea is fogging up your car window just as fast as your breathe is? 

What is your go to coat of the season? Is it wool, leather, fur- real or faux? Is your savior layering knits? Mine this season as with past is a faux fur coat. I just love bundling up in something comfy yet stylish. A faux fur coat goes with everything from a regular tee and jeans to a glittery dress and heels. I am always on the hunt for a new one, but of course it has to be at a good price. 

I've recently spied these from BONUS- They are all on sale!

Daytrip Coats





Save Our Desert

 Remember when I said, I would post some outfits in the desert. What the heck was I thinking? Oh yeah, it's unbelievably beautiful out there. As I didn't get the chance to this past weekend, (it's right up there on things to do before the weather changes and it gets chilly) I was made aware of the community happenings.

What makes this area so special is it's pristine vistas and beautiful hill sides. Through the years the close knit community have been fighting to keep the desert just the way it is. Now they are trying to save 3 untouched buttes that can be seen miles around. The plan is to stop the development of more wind turbines that would destroy the night sky with light pollution, cut in access roads of the side of the buttes, take away animal habitat, and possibly disrupting native artifacts. These are some of the reasons why the windmills should not be built and set up there. You may read more about the cause here: I would appreciate the support in printing out or writing a letter to discourage the development of such projects in the high desert.

Black Lave Butte- source

Thank you in advance for your effort and support in saving our California deserts.

<3 & xx- Albee

Monday, August 08, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Lucky Lady in Leopard

So I had a job interview today. Totally landed the job and really excited about all the pluses. It's close to home, Monday thru Friday, and it's extra cash in the bank. I can now let loose and not stress about getting everything I want. I must sound like a spoiled brat. Since being out of work I have really curbed my personal spending. Living off of a quarter of what I use to make has been challenging. It has also help prioritize my life. That spending quality time with love ones, doing fun things is well worth the price of a new handbag. 

Am I going to go back and set myself up for a major fashion fail (debt). Um no, I'm never going back to being that person that needs the hottest item no matter what the cost. I'm going to take the frugelness of thrifting, and remixing all of my existing clothing. O.k., I have to be honest- I will be able to afford something fab once in a while. It will mean so much more then just another fill in the blank. In doing so I can let my creativity run wild, and WERK it.

Today I wanted to wear my new leopard skirt to the interview. Since it is a department store job, I was able to get away with something more fashionable and not the predictable black suit.

I love the idea of black and brown together. This skirt just kicks ass. Have you noticed that leopard shines as a neutral? I will be able to wear it with a bevy of Fall colors, burgundy, hunter green, (agh) glittery silver. I wanted to keep it a little conservative and wore it with my open knit sweater and brown leatherette wooden wedge.

1. black open knit sweater, leopard skirt, over size cat sunnies- F21
2. brown wedge heels- Charlotte Russe
3. Juicy Zodiac pendent- Nordstrom
4. Kenneth Cole Reaction watch- Macys

Friday, August 05, 2011

Newly Aquired

Lace Up Wedge Bootie in Olive $27.30
FYI- 30% off coupon code: SITEWIDE30R
It's like getting shipping for free :)

Shi Floral Bikini $14.99 for each piece
Right now it's buy a swim top get the bottom for free

I must admit, that I do need these things, ha ha. I haven't bought a new swimsuit in 6 years or something like that. I've always like the 70's inspired ring details to a swimsuit. Honestly I was looking for something a little more retro inspired, a one piece. For the price I just couldn't pass this deal up.

I love these boots and I'm crossing my fingers that they fit like a dream. I can't wait to wear them with dresses, skirts, and even shorts. I just know I'll be wearing them out come Fall.

UO has an amazzziiinngg sale right now. I almost bought a high-low floral skirt, a leather clutch, and a denim bralette top for less then $50.00. I still might do that. With all this spending I hope that I land a job soon. 

Guys and dolls, hope you have wonderful weekends. I'll try to make up for the lack of OOTD and do one in the desert this weekend. 

<3 &xx- Albee

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Loop of the Day #54

Good Morning Everyone! I'm in a Flaming Lips type of mood, that today will be so strange that everything planed will just fall into place. This song always puts me in a great mood as I find myself singing along and cheering for Yoshimi to win over the evil Pink Robots.

I will (Freudian slip) everyone a great day and I'll be catching up with you later with an Outfit of the Day.
<3 &xx- Albee

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Picnic Wear

Summer vacay is almost done. I have my brother counting down the days till school starts back up. Boooo! So to soak up as much fun as possible and enjoy the beautiful mild weather we've been having we decided on a picnic at the park. 

In the middle of summer the local mini botanical gardens were so dry. Of course the only thing that is thriving is the cactus garden. 

You have seen this romper before, but the belt is new. I almost lost it at the grocery store earlier in the day. I had my brother tell me that I was undressing while in the check out line. Super embarrassed that my belt came undone.

We had a great time enjoying our lunch spread even though we were fighting a losing battle with intruders. Namely this guy.
I'm such a sucker and gave in. I had to throw some bread his way.

Of course I forgot to do something important and couldn't go home after lunch. To make a trip to the bank more enjoyable I went to the one near the beach. I saw the artist painting this mural about a month ago. It turned out really nice, it's so weird that you really can't see all the details off the street. I guess it's really for all the pedestrians cutting across the alleyway.

If you are ever down in Hermosa beach the mural is located off the pier avenue parking structure (north facing). 

So my day is at an end. I shouldn't say that, it's the start of my evening.

<3 & xx- Albee

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Purchases

I know that it has been less then a week since I posted something I just purchased. Here's the deal, do you remember the two tops I bought at F21? The floral bustier and the peach wrap top? Well, they didn't fit. I don't know what's going on right now, but my hoo hoo's are bigger then they use to be. No, I'm not prego nor Just carrying extra weight, because 1. I hate working out 2. I'm eating out more often 3. STRESS. Anyway, I decided to use my gift card right away and order something new.

Lace Crop Jacket $14.80

Leopard Print Pleat Skirt $19.80

Cozy Knit Cardigan in Dark Brown $12.50

Textured Floral Clutch $5.80

If you did the math I had to pay a little more then what my return was. SMH, With two of the items being cardigans I know I'm not returning them. I'm pretty happy in starting my Fall shopping right now. The lace cardi reminds me of the bed jackets of the 20's. I actually have a vintage peach one that I hardly wear because I deemed it too precious. Instead of a leopard blouse I went with a skirt. I can wear it now with tanks and later with sweaters and tights. Oh wouldn't it look cute with a moto jacket? You've seen me swooning over this knit cardigan before. Since they carry it in 8 different colors and for the price they're going for it was a tough decision to make. I opted for the dark brown, it will look amazing next to greens, oranges, and berry colors that I'm planning on wearing. Did I need another clutch in my arsenal? Noooo, but I'm always struggling for something girly for the day with black accents. 

So there you have it, am I happy now? Ha Ha, happy with glee. 

<3 & xx- Albee

Monday, August 01, 2011

Lulus(.com) You Light Up My Days

I just love browsing through, especially since they up date their site daily. I can get my fix on new pieces for Fall. Have my imagination run wild with different looks and styles I can achieve by using one or two new things. Today's picks will be a small step to building that great wardrobe of mine.

Cognac Suede Platform Pumps $46.00

Hey Mambo Berry Purple Lace Top $17.00

Elizadora Gold Locket Necklace $15.00

Simple As It Gets

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty relaxing as I spent most of the day watching t.v., from Nascar races, to silly movies on Netflix like The Evil Dead. If you haven't seen that film yet and you love gory old zombie movies, it's a cult classic. It isn't a film for the faint of heart if gushing blood and dismemberment bothers you. If it is the kind of film you would enjoy know that is the first of the three installments to the Evil Dead trilogy.

Back to today's happenings. It's another gorgeous day out here and I've finally taken to wearing shorts instead of jeans. Ha ha, I'm still in a tee though :) 

I was taken with this fedora for the sheer simplicity of it. There are no bells and whistles, feathers, or ribbon. I was looking for something that I can easy change the look of it if I wished to. Today I had fastened one of my many floral pins to the brim. Looking at it now, I guess that I could have also attached a gingham ribbon around too. The sunnies you've seen before, my $10.00 pair of Vans from Karmaloop. The tee is a worn slub v-neck from F21 a year ago. The white shorts you've seen here and were purchased at OldNavy. The shoes are new and were a steal for less than $6.00 at F21 seen in this post here.

Aaron and I went to Cafe Rio for lunch and for the life of me I thought I didn't bring my little point and shoot. When you carry a handbag with a gazillion pockets, you will bypass one by mistake. It was my first time there and I wasn't disappointed. For what would cost a meal at MickieD's, I had a cheese enchilada, black beans, rice, side salad, and a Horchata. It was so yummy and we were there at the perfect time, before all the suits were out for lunch. Next visit there I will diffidently be taking pics of my food. My local Cafe Rio is located at 

1800 Rosecrans Ave. Suite G
Manhattan Beach, Ca. 90266


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