Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My H&M Picks of the Day

In Stores Now. Visit to see more.

I can't wait for Spring. Have I already said that before? It's just my favorite time of the year. We get to shake off the cold- cold wind, cold rain, cold snow, cold dew (for all of So.Cal). I don't know about you, but I was sooo happy when they finally opened up an H&M close to where I live. 

The color of the two pieces I love, can't you tell? The pants I would diffidently have to try on, the length runs long. That would be a good thing for the "long legged" beauties in my life. The dress I would be able to wear everyday or at least once a week. You could dress it up with platform heels and a swanky fur coat. How about gladiator sandals with a cross the shoulder purse for all the outdoor events coming up? There is plenty more to see on the site, these are just my favs.

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