Saturday, September 10, 2011

NOTD: Peaches and Cupcakes
Color: Peach
A few days ago I went on a mini shopping spree. What had gotten into me? I don't do that anymore. The down fall to my shopping whim? I have buyers remorse. I bought a pair of slacks, that I now have thought better of. How many heavy weight black slacks can one have. In my defense they did fit well. SMH, oh well. Besides the slacks, I had purchased this new nail polish. I think it's a beautiful neutral color that I'll be able to wear year round. The color is peach, but has a nice shimmer of gold so that the color isn't flat. What would make it even more stunning, a thick gold glitter polish over my ringer finger nail. Do you have any recommendations?

Now to the great cupcake debate. Hostess has me hooked on their Strawberry flavored cupcakes. I also blame Target for having them on sale :)

This week they only had the original Chocolate flavored ones. As I opened one to snack on, the dessert debate had begun. Was what I was eating a cupcake, ding dong, or ho ho? I know with the internet at our finger tips this would have been over before it started. Needless to say I won 10 minutes later, by explaining the differences between the three. That made me sound like such a junk food foodie. To solidify my win I'm posting the differences :)

Funny little arguments run my household all the time. I think it happens because we are all a little stubborn.


  1. no, not buyer's remorse!! hate when that happens :) i've been pretty good, nothing to complain about...yet! great nail color. i always love a good neutral on my hands.

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  2. Love that nude nail shade on you~

  3. Love the polish....and my fave hostess snack is ZINGERS, lol! New follower ;)

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  4. Oh no! I hate buyers remorse - I'm feeling a little myself. I WANT to like H&M so bad but then I buy stuff and feel weird until I return it. LOL. Strawberry cupcakes sound pretty good right now. . .

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