Friday, September 23, 2011

Showing Some GH Love

I don't know how they (soap operas) do it, but they keep reeling me back in. I have been a fan of General Hospital off and on since I was 12. Some of my best memories are of my grandmother and I sitting down at 2 o'clock to catch the show in the afternoons. Adam is too funny saying that it's silly to watch those types of things, but when it's on he'll sit and watch it with me and ask me questions about what's going on. He secretly loves it, and reminds him of time spent with his mom and grandma. I think that's the hook. You end up growing up with these characters, and spending time watching with your own love ones. 

Through the years I've made friends bonding over episodes of GH. Sharing our common love and hatred over plots and characters. As much as we hate drama in our own lives we don't mind living vicariously through these characters. As other soaps have ended their long running series, I hope that GH goes on forever.

I have not been faithful in watching everyday, but I catch up when I can on Hulu. I use to have it recorded on my DVR, but I couldn't get to them in time and they ended up hogging space on my list. Where would I be with out this tech? Probably buying Soap Digest.

I had to share yesterday's episode with you. It's kind of a happy break before a storm. I've grown attach to these characters well-being and always root for them. Just like life, there are no happy endings, only happy moments.

If you missed yesterday's episode here it is linked up through Hulu. If you are new to the series, it will be fun to watch at least once to know why people love it so.

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