Thursday, September 22, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Falling Skies

I should have been picking up my apartment today. Since starting my new job, even though it's part time I haven't found a routine yet. We are creatures of habit, some more than others ( pointing at myself). Things go to the wayside, namely my home. Adam and I are both Sagitarians. Meaning we leave things where we drop them, and that there is always something better and more important to do then clean/pick up. 

What did I do all day? Why catch up on blogs, FB, and retail sites :) Of course I need background noise and had Blood+ playing on Netflix. I dedicated a whooping hour to picking up, ha ha. At least that's some progress.

What I'm wearing today is the result of picking up. It's been clean laundry and new purchases laying about. The black tank with the embroidered cut out was purchased a few months back. I really need to invest in similar tops. I tend to grab the same one week after week. The sweater is from F21 and I believe they still have it for less than $13.00. I can tell you right now that I'll be wearing it a lot along with the dark brown one I have. I've worn them with maxi dresses a la Olson twin and with jeans like today. The jeans you've seen before. They are LEVI'S bootcut and were thrifted at my local Salvation. I really didn't want to wear my new Missoni scarf just yet. I chose to wear it like a turban because it was wrinkled anyway. Ha ha, of course I haven't switched up my handbag yet (H&M). 

Thanks for reading guys and dolls + for being so patient with my slow posting of outfits.
Always- Albee


  1. you look so good with the scarf! i need to find a way to wear them on my head without looking weird! great shoes, too!


  2. I get so excited every time I see one of your outfit posts come up. I like your other posts too but it's so fun to see what you're wearing! :)

    The Suburb Experiment

  3. Is that the Missoni Scarf? It looks great! i love how you used it as a turban!


  4. Thanks oomph. The Bf always makes fun of my turbans. I don't need to impress him anymore, ha ha. You should try it, it could be becoming on you. I think I want to try the scarf around my neck with a button down next.

    Jenn- thanks for the comment and the encouragement.I always plan to take work outfit photos, just never pans out. I'll try harder :)

    Thanks Lupe. Yep, it's the Missoni for Target. For it being silk it stayed in my head well.

    Thank you ladies for the comments. I do read and enjoy every one for them. xo-Albee

  5. Your hair looks amazing! and I love that scarf :)

  6. Thanks Bethan. I was just thinking that my hair is a bit out of control :) I need a trim at least. Thanks for the lovely compliment and comment. xo-Albee

  7. cute. i love how you wore neutrals and dressed it up with the missoni scarf! fab.

  8. i love your headband! =)

  9. so cute! this outfit looks so good on you! :)


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