Monday, September 12, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Rolling With the Punches

Hidiho! So today is a day for the unexpected. You know what they say," Just roll with the punches.". I had a day to take care of my errands this week and it was blown to bits, after I got a call from work. Ha ha, why am I complaining? Going into work half day is a piece of cake. 

Remember those leatherette shorts I bought last week? Seen here. They are sold by waist inches. I bought a couple of sizes too big. Booooo. Instead of exchanging it for a smaller size I bought something else. The quality of the shorts were really nice, and very real feeling. I think if they fitted like I wanted they would have looked awesome with a neck tie blouse, to an over size sweater. C'est la vie. 

Anyhoo, I'll debut my new purchases in a couple of days. Today I wanted to wear something that came from a mix of stores. I know, huge surprise- huh? I'm pretty sure that you've seen the blouse and pants before, but not together. 

Blouse- CottonOn

High Waisted Jeans- WetSeal

Feather Necklace- Forever21

Brown Leatherette Cross Body Bag- H&M


  1. I really love the bag.It adds such a cool touch to the outfit :)

  2. Love the look ;) Come by and check out my ASOS giveaway at

  3. I;m glad you posted pics of the Missioni purchases. The prints are amazing. Great buys!


  4. Lupe of Loveoffashion22- Thanks, all my surrounding Targets are sold out, that's 7 stores in like 10 miles. So crazy, I'm sure Target is kicking their own asses right now for not producing more. Hopefully they'll get more goods before the Oct.22 date. Still crossing my fingers on that throw. ebay is too rich for me :)
    Thanks for commenting hun, xo- Albee

  5. great top. the color is lovely on you. and loving that necklace!!!

  6. Thank you Claire for the lovely comment :)

    Vantage Point Vintage- Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. That bag is now my new fave to tote around. It fits everything and I know that it will see me through this season well into Spring.

    xo- Albee


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