Thursday, September 08, 2011

You Have 1st Dibs

I have been toying with the idea of a "Shop My Closet" on this blog for awhile now. Through the years my friends have always waited to be first to have dibs on certain items in my wardrobe. Since I've completed going through my closet I've come across a few items that I love, but just don't wear anymore. More often then not, they just get pushed aside and I forget about them. My loss can now be your gain. 

The items that I have chosen to feature have been loved and well taken care for. Now is the time for me to pass them on to a new life with you. I want to update the inventory at least once a week and I know that I have clothing in all sizes, so keep checking back. Eventually I would like to put up a few costume jewelry pieces. I think when you have so much, it's hard to go through them and pick out daily wears. 

The items I have will be up to purchase for 30 days after that they will be coming down for family and friends. My dear readers I offer you 1st dibs.

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