Monday, January 31, 2011

A Peek at My Chotskies

My collection started when I was very young. For birthdays and holidays I hated receiving dolls, but give me anything in miniature size I'm all over it. I have no rhyme or reason when it comes to things that catch my eye. The only thing in common is that they are all smaller than a bread box. Here are a few that I recently picked up:

The sweet lady at the store told me that elephants are good luck. I've heard that before, but with only the elephants that have their trunks up. I couldn't pass up the candle holder. That little sub-collection is the BF's fault :) To let you all know that I don't spend a lot of money on the things I buy. I always ask myself 4 questions before I purchase.
  1. Is this something that I have been looking for?
  2. Does this fit with my current decor?
  3. Is it worth the purchase price?
  4. Will I ever find it again?
To be honest there are times when I just throw caution to the wind and come up with regrets. So get what you love and know that you'll have it to enjoy for years to come.

Sunday Cookies: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don't know about you, but cookies last about a week at my house. I enjoy baking and right now I'm going through a cookie phase. I found this perticular recipe on What made me try it was the amount of butter used without calling for shortening. Drop cookies are so easy, everything is in one bowl and you don't have to refrigerate the dough. This batch is without walnuts, that could easily be added in before baking. I love chocolate with nuts, but the BF said (and I quote),"Why do you have to make everything so fancy? What's wrong with plain?". This is the result of the compromise. Next batch chocolate with walnuts!

Picnic By the Sea

 I had a free day with the family, almost everyone was out of school or work. To the unfortunate individual who didn't partake: we missed you. To take advantage of the unseasonal weather we've had in California lately, we decided to dine alfresco. It was a gorgeous day with no wind and warm sunshine.

The outfit was pretty easy to put together and wear. The white cotton tank was purchased at and I believe you can pick a similar black jersey skirt there too. The beige cocoon wrap was a steal at The shoes of course didn't make it waterside. I know that there are cork wedges at, and they always have a quick rotation of shoes under $15. I wanted to feature the jewelry close up- bracelets: F21, necklace: Betsey Johnson. 

Thanks for stopping by-xoxo Albee

Offical Loop of the Day

Music Playlist at

 These songs will officially be on a loop today. Maybe these will put you in the same state of mind and mood that I'm in. Here's the list:

Bear Hands- Crime Pays
Neutral Milk Hotel- In the Airplane Over the Sea
Jenny Lewis- You Are What You Love
Massive Attack- Paradise Circus

Friday, January 28, 2011

Product Review: Organix Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

This is a quick product review. I try to keep my vids super short with no flair (I don't have 13 pieces of flair). If I find new things to try and like them I'll share my thoughts. There won't be any negative reviews. I try to live by the saying, "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.".

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Natural One

I just have the Folk Explosion song stuck in my head. Today I wanted to make it a point to wear my recent purchases that I featured on YouTube. Here's some info. on the outfit: The blouse is from and it just hit the site last week. The Levi's were thrifted from my local GoodWill. It's always worth the effort to scan the racks. In the past I have found amazing things for dirt cheap prices. I've had the faux fur vest for a couple of years.  For some reason it has now made it's debut in my closet rotation this year. Tomorrow I'll feature my accessories, which I should have taken care of this morning-now I'm not ready to take it off.
Thanks again for checking out my blog. Feel free to comment, I would love to hear from you. On a side note I thank my brother, Aaron for being my photographer today. Love you much.-A

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Request: An Outfit for Spring

Well I had a request for an outfit with flats for spring. You can laugh if you want, but those are Crocs on my feet. I was on a hunt for a comfy pair of flats that came in 50's colors, look super cute with dresses, skirts, rompers and shorts. These baby pink shoes were purchased at . This blue romper has tiny pink flowers all over it, but you can't tell by the picture. Maybe I should take close ups of the fabric. I keep shuffling this back into my closet because it seemed so plain to me. You can't go wrong with a flower though and I ended up attaching it to the strap of the romper than in my hair. The flower was purchased and not one of my handmade ones. I was looking for a big corsage one that looked real, and found it at So Maran, this one is for you. If you have any other request for looks go ahead a leave a comment. xoxo

My H&M Picks of the Day

In Stores Now. Visit to see more.

I can't wait for Spring. Have I already said that before? It's just my favorite time of the year. We get to shake off the cold- cold wind, cold rain, cold snow, cold dew (for all of So.Cal). I don't know about you, but I was sooo happy when they finally opened up an H&M close to where I live. 

The color of the two pieces I love, can't you tell? The pants I would diffidently have to try on, the length runs long. That would be a good thing for the "long legged" beauties in my life. The dress I would be able to wear everyday or at least once a week. You could dress it up with platform heels and a swanky fur coat. How about gladiator sandals with a cross the shoulder purse for all the outdoor events coming up? There is plenty more to see on the site, these are just my favs.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Penguin Classics

 I am a huge reader and always have been. Now that I have room and shelving to display my books I started collecting Penguin Classics. They don't have any jackets but the cover is decorated with themes that coincide with the stories. So far I own 5 and am receiving Arabian Nights in a month or so. If you're looking for a gift to a reader or if you want to invest in a beautiful well made books I highly recommend these. The best place that I found to buy these are on

O.k., so why isn't the weather cooperating today?  I can't go with out tights. The morning is almost over and it's still freezing out. Anywhoo- I brought out my Docs to see the light of day as they are normally my night time wear. Really, who wants to wear sky high heels to dance night after night? The bracelets are a recent purchase. I have short limbs (ha ha) so it's hard to wear thick bangles. These bracelets are even split between my two wrist.You can check out my entry on The site is highly addictive for "people watchers" just like myself.

fur-rociously fashionable faux fur jacket - $32.00 :, Vintage Inspired Clothing, Affordable Clothes, Eco friendly Fashion

fur-rociously fashionable faux fur jacket - $32.00 :, Vintage Inspired Clothing, Affordable Clothes, Eco friendly Fashion 

Just entered it into my cart! I (HEART) it, with warm fuzzy feelings inside. I can't get enough of faux fur and I think this would look super cute with a floral dress and tights or rocked out with skinny pants and an over sized T. The price is mamazing and the site is full of pretty things that I haven't finished looking yet.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Have you ever heard of a Schlumbergera?

I was lucky enough to come by some clippings that were given to me by my mother-in-law. She has such a green  thumb and her plant was ginormous. I think they are listed as a cactus, but they are found in tropical environments. The conditions are similar to orchids. Certain varieties bloom at different times of the year. The one that was given to me is referred to as a Christmas Cactus. It takes temps to be low and so many hours of complete darkness to bloom. It's so beautiful and well worth the wait. I just went to and saw that they had some in stock. Unfortunately not in my area yet, but I will be keeping a look out. Here is a photo of mine from the clippings and the second photo from the website.

Outfit of the Day

Another outfit inspired by the way my hair turned out today. I thought of 1920's screen sirens with their perfect curls and hair accessories. The blouse was recently purchased at F21 and the shoes last spring. To be honest the majority of my clothes do come from there, but really- you can't beat the price.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Forever21 Picks of the Day

Zip Up Belted Jacket
Was: $27.80
Now: $22.24
Dual Elements Ring

I don't know what it is about black jackets, but I love them. What sold me on this was the over size collar, and the asymmetrical zipper. I can imagine them with a maxi dress and boots or skinny pants and a tee. The RING, I think that would be a daily wear for me. When would it ever look inappropriate? The answer: NEVER.

Siouxsie You're My Hero

So here is my first entry. Not quite sure what my plans are today or what the weather is suppose to be like. I thought I go casual today and sport my clogs. Yeah they didn't make it into the photo. I will post one with just the shoes all by their lonesome.

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