Friday, September 23, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Holding On

I finally hemmed up the jumpsuit from H&M last week. I had the seamstress bring it up 3", and I still have to wear them with my 5" Danys. I find that most of their pants and dresses are not made for the 5'1" and under set. Then again I am bigger then the normal 4'11" girl. At H&M I'm a size 8, comfortably, with allowance for my hips and bust. So if I really want slacks or a dress I have to watch where the waist fits and how long everything is- if it's worth the time and money to fix it for myself.

I just couldn't pass this jumpsuit up. It fit like a dream through the shoulders, and waist. I love the graphic impression of blossoms and the flutter sleeves of course. I'm all for easy cleaning and since it's poly I can just throw it in the wash and wear. 

Ha ha, I had to crop out some of my plants. I am so embarrassed, what is the opposite of having a green thumb? Rotten? Ha ha, I either water them too much or not enough. Thank goodness cacti can take my abuse.

This is not mine :) I found this flower still holding on to summer in my mom's courtyard. Last of the season, I just love the color.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate all the lovely comments you guys leave behind.
xo- Albee

Showing Some GH Love

I don't know how they (soap operas) do it, but they keep reeling me back in. I have been a fan of General Hospital off and on since I was 12. Some of my best memories are of my grandmother and I sitting down at 2 o'clock to catch the show in the afternoons. Adam is too funny saying that it's silly to watch those types of things, but when it's on he'll sit and watch it with me and ask me questions about what's going on. He secretly loves it, and reminds him of time spent with his mom and grandma. I think that's the hook. You end up growing up with these characters, and spending time watching with your own love ones. 

Through the years I've made friends bonding over episodes of GH. Sharing our common love and hatred over plots and characters. As much as we hate drama in our own lives we don't mind living vicariously through these characters. As other soaps have ended their long running series, I hope that GH goes on forever.

I have not been faithful in watching everyday, but I catch up when I can on Hulu. I use to have it recorded on my DVR, but I couldn't get to them in time and they ended up hogging space on my list. Where would I be with out this tech? Probably buying Soap Digest.

I had to share yesterday's episode with you. It's kind of a happy break before a storm. I've grown attach to these characters well-being and always root for them. Just like life, there are no happy endings, only happy moments.

If you missed yesterday's episode here it is linked up through Hulu. If you are new to the series, it will be fun to watch at least once to know why people love it so.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Falling Skies

I should have been picking up my apartment today. Since starting my new job, even though it's part time I haven't found a routine yet. We are creatures of habit, some more than others ( pointing at myself). Things go to the wayside, namely my home. Adam and I are both Sagitarians. Meaning we leave things where we drop them, and that there is always something better and more important to do then clean/pick up. 

What did I do all day? Why catch up on blogs, FB, and retail sites :) Of course I need background noise and had Blood+ playing on Netflix. I dedicated a whooping hour to picking up, ha ha. At least that's some progress.

What I'm wearing today is the result of picking up. It's been clean laundry and new purchases laying about. The black tank with the embroidered cut out was purchased a few months back. I really need to invest in similar tops. I tend to grab the same one week after week. The sweater is from F21 and I believe they still have it for less than $13.00. I can tell you right now that I'll be wearing it a lot along with the dark brown one I have. I've worn them with maxi dresses a la Olson twin and with jeans like today. The jeans you've seen before. They are LEVI'S bootcut and were thrifted at my local Salvation. I really didn't want to wear my new Missoni scarf just yet. I chose to wear it like a turban because it was wrinkled anyway. Ha ha, of course I haven't switched up my handbag yet (H&M). 

Thanks for reading guys and dolls + for being so patient with my slow posting of outfits.
Always- Albee

Pick of the Day: My Girl is Red Hot

Blazers are here to stay. Wither they be cropped, long, striped, floral, buttoned, tied, or open they have become a basic. A basic to wear with jeans, slacks, skirts, dresses, and even shorts. What a better way to pull together a tee and jean combo. How many black blazers must you have? Every season has the color to have. We've seen blush, yellow, and navy. I've been holding out for something more eye catching. Patience has it's rewards. I've found the perfect one to add to my wardrobe.

It's the cropped open front blazer from for $24.50. What makes it the ideal blazer for me? This red is the punch of color I need for my Fall wardrobe, complimenting all my neutrals. A fitted blazer is always flattering with my curves. With the oversize-boy cut blazers, I just look shorter and chubbier. I'm loving the soft curves, and shirred sleeve details. It's all about the details in this one. The topping to my sundae? It's hand washable, no need to send this one to the dry cleaners. Oooh, how I hate spending money there (shaking my fist). F.Y.I., the blazer is also sold in black. Can't wait to show you guys in a post.

Thanks for reading, much love and virtual hugs all around.- Albee

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Loop of the Day: Lana Del Rey

O.k., I'm crushing so hard on Lana Del Rey. I can't wait to own her LP. You heard me right. I think I'll be purchasing vinyl. The sound could only enrich her vocals. Besides her amazing voice, I'm luving her style. Epitome of bombshell via Brigitte Bardot.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EOTD, Eye of the Day?

Ha ha, is there such a thing. I bet there is or how else did it sink into my conscience? I was inspired by a little article in my Allure magazine for a black/ grey smokey eye. I wanted to do a light wash of grey with no liner. I've noticed that if I'm too heavy handed with smokey eyes, it just looks like a hot mess. 

Here is the palette that I used and the application process:

click on image for a close up

For 5 bones, this palette was such a steal for as many color as you get. Using the shadows wet, you would get more of a color payoff. Since it was day, I just wanted something light and pretty.

Let me know what you think of this post? Is makeup application something you're interested on here? Thanks for reading.

Movie of the Week: Red Riding Hood (2011)

Red Riding Hood 2011

Were you like me and wondered how they were going to make a film out of a short fairytale. Some of the key pieces of this film that made it attractive are:

1. Catherine Hardwicke is the director.
I've been in love with her work since Thirteen with Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed. I think Hardwicke learned a lot from directing the first Twilight film, but still is able to hold on to the intimacy of indie films. She is able to share teen angst and translate is well on screen.

2. Cast of actors.
The film has a wonderful cast of seasoned actors and a few new comers to keep your eye out for in the future. Gary Oldman was a key factor in getting the Bf to watch this movie. The story centers around young Valerie played by Amanda Seyfried. Billy Burke, Viginia Madsen, Lukas Haas, Max Irons, and Shiloh Fernandez will be familiar faces or soon well be for you. The cast breaths life in this retelling of an old story. 

3. The story.
Do people still read fairy tales and fables to their children? The enjoyment in watching this film stems from the familiarity of the story. It's a wonderful adult interpretation of the story well read or we were read to while growing up. The film is filled with different human dynamics, between young loves, deceitful adults, two-sided friendships, and fearful mob mentality.  

Like all good fairy tales, it isn't for the faint of heart. The film is rated PG-13 and appropriately so. The Bf wasn't surprised that at the end of watching the film, I said that I loved it and can't wait to own it for myself to add to our collection. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Head Over Heels for a Pair of Docs

As a kid I dreamed of owning a pair of Dr.Martens. For the price, you know that there were only a hand full of girls that owned a pair. The ones that did were sooo cool and intimidating. They looked like they couldn't give a sh*t about anything. I so wanted to be one of them. The boots that I coveted were Ox Blood, the taller the better.

For some reason the newest versions are not the deep red that I loved from long ago.

I don't know about you, but it's hard for me to pull the trigger and buy myself a $100+ pair of shoes. I know that I should look at them as an investment, something to have forever. A few years back I did it, and bought a pair of black 1914 Triumph, with pink tartan lining. I love the idea that they are fashioned after a motorcycle boot and can be worn short with the lining being shown.

I can't tell you how ecstatic I felt that day receiving them in the post. They came with the standard black laces, and a black ribbon lace with pink tips. Since then I have worn them with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses- everything!

The first couple of times I wore them, they weren't as comfortable as I thought they would be. Just like any boot, I needed a breaking in period. Now, they are amazingly dreamy and fit like a glove. I kid you not, they feel like they were made for me. How many times did it take to break in? I would say it by the 4th time I fell in love.

With any leather good, you have to take care of it if you want it to last a life time. Along with the boot I purchased the Dr.Martens Wonder Balm. That has been the best moisturizer, protectant I have ever used to date. I'm thinking of using it on all my leather, faux and real alike. 

This season Docs came out with different colors and finishes for the 1914 Triumph boot. There is not one that I don't like.

I'm not one for redundancy so I think I'll pass on purchasing the same boot, just in a different color. The boot that I am loving right this moment? The 1B99 Modern Classic in Peacock. I've been in admiration of this shade of blue for a few years now. Not many shoes come in this color and I totally regret not buying a pair of flats when I saw them. I'm certainly not going to let these babies pass me buy this time.

So it's official, I am addicted to Dr.Martens. Just like potato chips, I can't have just one. Adam called it, in saying that I would spend a chunk of my first paycheck on a pair of Docs. Sigh, at least I'll be able to wear them to work :)

New Facial Wipes for My Routine

I've been looking for some waterless makeup remover wipes. At the end of the day I don't want to spend tons of time in the bathroom taking off the war paint. I've also noticed that I'm getting bored with the routine, which we all know that feeling leads to bad habits i.e. not washing your face at all. Besides with the wipes I'm able to tote it out to the desert on the weekends with out worrying that the bottle will explode because of the pressure of elevation change. I go from around 70 ft. above sea level to 3500 ft.

We all know that practically every brand has come out with their own makeup remover wipes. Since I'm on a budget I had to go with drug store brands. My daily facial SPF is OLAY, my daily face scrub bounces from Neutrogena, St.Ives, to Target's Up and Up brand. I decided to work my way through those brands wipes first.
Since I'm at Target once a week anyway. I decided on using their Up and Up brand. I chose the one with exfoliating cucumber. On the package it says, " Compare to Ponds Exfoliating Clean Sweep". I haven't tried the Ponds version yet so I can't say or judge the comparison. I can tell you that one side of the wipe has nubs that exfoliate and the other is smooth to take off the makeup. The scent is more of a fresh green tea then cucumber. 

The wipe is easy to use. I still use my normal eye makeup remover for waterproof mascara and eyeliner prior to using the wipe. When I first apply it to my face I make sure I hit my T zone first, forehead, nose, and chin. I still produce the most oil there. After I'm done with the smooth side I just flip it over to the more textured sided and repeat the process of wiping my face. No rinsing necessary. There is no alcohol in the product so it doesn't dry out my skin. No oil in it either, I'm not left looking super greasy. It leaves my face clean feeling with no residue. 

I love the idea that I don't need water too use the wipes. I just lift the seal of the bag, pull one out, wipe, and toss. I haven't told you the best part yet. I've been using this product once a day, for a week. Since introducing this product to my routine I've noticed that my pores are smaller. The only other product that I use that does that is my Aeeno positively ageless night cream, that I haven't been using because I've run out.

I'm so thrilled to find that this works for me. I can't guarantee that you will have the same results, but for the price and for it being hypoallergenic I think it's worth the shot of trying it out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Loop of the Day

I know that I haven't been doing many Loop of the Day post recently. I thought that maybe they can fill in the gap the days I have work. Well until I'm able to put up a OOTD. 

I adore this video. I guess what they say is true, you can learn everything you need to know on the playground. Kids are funny in the way that they are hone down to the basic, mostly driven my emotions. That life experiences changes things, you learn what is proper in polite society. Physically beating up rivals is so not proper.

I wish you well today, hope you have a good one. I'll be seeing you later with an Outfit of the Day post.
xo- Albee

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target Haul

Holy smokes! Did anyone else fight the mob this morning? Ha ha ha. I knew that this would have been big. So big in fact that I forwent extra sleep and waited for Target doors to open at 8 a.m. this morning. Driving there I was almost driven off the road by some fashionable 20 something. That should have sent up a red flag right there, that this wouldn't be a regular shopping day. 

As I walked up to the doors, 5 minutes before opening there were all ready 15 people there. Pretty good odds right? I should have just went in with out grabbing a cart. It was such a frenzy and I can see how people can get caught up and just grab everything they see. Good thing that I had a wish list in mind. 

1. Throw

2. Scarf

3. Luggage Tote

4. Shower Curtain

I know that Missoni is known for their knits and that the clothing would just fly off the racks. For some reason my heart just wasn't leaning towards the dresses, skirts, cardigans, and wraps. I wanted the housewares and accessories. 

This one shopper attacked the display that held all the bedding. I kid you not, she did a sweep and took everything. There was two other shoppers there at the same time and barely got away with a couple of things. I was so bummed that I didn't get the throw. I was able to score the scarf and luggage tote at the same store. Store employees told me to try the stores in the lower income communities. Great tip. 

I tried one other store this morning and was able to purchase the double sided shower curtain. To tell you the truth I've been with out one for years. I'm that picky :) So glad that I held out for the Missoni one, as it matches everything. 

The spoils of my labor:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Rolling With the Punches

Hidiho! So today is a day for the unexpected. You know what they say," Just roll with the punches.". I had a day to take care of my errands this week and it was blown to bits, after I got a call from work. Ha ha, why am I complaining? Going into work half day is a piece of cake. 

Remember those leatherette shorts I bought last week? Seen here. They are sold by waist inches. I bought a couple of sizes too big. Booooo. Instead of exchanging it for a smaller size I bought something else. The quality of the shorts were really nice, and very real feeling. I think if they fitted like I wanted they would have looked awesome with a neck tie blouse, to an over size sweater. C'est la vie. 

Anyhoo, I'll debut my new purchases in a couple of days. Today I wanted to wear something that came from a mix of stores. I know, huge surprise- huh? I'm pretty sure that you've seen the blouse and pants before, but not together. 

Blouse- CottonOn

High Waisted Jeans- WetSeal

Feather Necklace- Forever21

Brown Leatherette Cross Body Bag- H&M

Saturday, September 10, 2011

NOTD: Peaches and Cupcakes
Color: Peach
A few days ago I went on a mini shopping spree. What had gotten into me? I don't do that anymore. The down fall to my shopping whim? I have buyers remorse. I bought a pair of slacks, that I now have thought better of. How many heavy weight black slacks can one have. In my defense they did fit well. SMH, oh well. Besides the slacks, I had purchased this new nail polish. I think it's a beautiful neutral color that I'll be able to wear year round. The color is peach, but has a nice shimmer of gold so that the color isn't flat. What would make it even more stunning, a thick gold glitter polish over my ringer finger nail. Do you have any recommendations?

Now to the great cupcake debate. Hostess has me hooked on their Strawberry flavored cupcakes. I also blame Target for having them on sale :)

This week they only had the original Chocolate flavored ones. As I opened one to snack on, the dessert debate had begun. Was what I was eating a cupcake, ding dong, or ho ho? I know with the internet at our finger tips this would have been over before it started. Needless to say I won 10 minutes later, by explaining the differences between the three. That made me sound like such a junk food foodie. To solidify my win I'm posting the differences :)

Funny little arguments run my household all the time. I think it happens because we are all a little stubborn.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

You Have 1st Dibs

I have been toying with the idea of a "Shop My Closet" on this blog for awhile now. Through the years my friends have always waited to be first to have dibs on certain items in my wardrobe. Since I've completed going through my closet I've come across a few items that I love, but just don't wear anymore. More often then not, they just get pushed aside and I forget about them. My loss can now be your gain. 

The items that I have chosen to feature have been loved and well taken care for. Now is the time for me to pass them on to a new life with you. I want to update the inventory at least once a week and I know that I have clothing in all sizes, so keep checking back. Eventually I would like to put up a few costume jewelry pieces. I think when you have so much, it's hard to go through them and pick out daily wears. 

The items I have will be up to purchase for 30 days after that they will be coming down for family and friends. My dear readers I offer you 1st dibs.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fall's Lusty List

Fall's Lust Must

Haute Hippie silk blouse
$235 -

Rick Owens shearling jacket
$3,340 -

ChloƩ wide leg pants
$675 -

Aldo shoes
$120 -

Miss Selfridge leather tote
£45 -

Roberto Cavalli chain necklace
$1,195 -

Quartz earrings
£80 -

Quartz ring
$750 -
I know that this set is a big change from the norm (price wise). I wanted to get out a lusty list, these are the styles I'll be looking for to fill up my Fall wardrobe. When I find wallet friendly versions, you will be the first to know.

1. A faux fur or shearling lined motorcycle jacket.
If you are looking for the one coat that you will use through out the season regardless of occasions, this one would be it. It can be worn with dresses, shorts with tights, jeans- skinny or wide leg, and skirts of any length.

2. Jewel tone blouse.
It doesn't matter what color in particular. What is important is the richness of color to break away from the norm.

3. High waisted wide leg slacks.
Year after year, this style keeps coming back. The best fit is when it just grazes off of your body and elongates your legs. Best worn with heels.

4. Warm jewelry.
The stone of the season? Smokey topaz. I think the attraction has to do with our fascination of restoring and maintaining pieces from long ago. The smokey topaz has that vintage quality that we love, and know that it will eventually be an heirloom piece to pass down to generations to come. 
Collar or choker statement necklaces are the neckline adornment that will be big for this season. Worn with the jewel tone blouse, it's the icing on the cake.

5. Structured Handbag in Burgundy
When it comes to handbags and shoes, that is where quality over price wins hands down. These items are investment pieces. Burgundy is the color to chose instead of the greens. Green has the tendency to be eye catching, but can show age (as in that was last season style). Burgundy will hold up, just like browns and blacks year after year without skipping a beat.

6. Wedged oxfords
Wedged or heeled, oxfords have been feminized. Black, brown, two-toned, glittered, be jeweled. I have seen so many. For the past few seasons I have seen the incline of this style of shoe. I think this is the year it hits it's pentacle, as it covers up your little toes and shelters them from the cold. From cut-off shorts with tights, to the midi skirts of Fall, this shoe will be your work horse.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Pick of the Day: Leatherette Shorts

Have you been anticipating leather shorts since the beginning of summer? I know I have. My fascination was getting really bad as I was looking through eBay and ETSY on a daily basis. Then we received word that H&M were coming out with a black pair for Fall. Who ever their forecaster is should have known that they would sell out in a heartbeat. I missed my chance and couldn't get my hands on a pair. 

Yesterday as always I was reading through many fashionable blogs and stumbled on to one that featured a leatherette pair of shorts. If you are unfamiliar with the term "leatherette", it's the same as "pleather" (plastic leather). I think they changed it to make it sound more luxurious. Since the blogger is petite and they were high waisted, she had cinched it with a belt. Now I don't know if that was out of necessity or not, but the shorts had fit her well. 

With short shorts, it's difficult not to come off as too sexy. I think these shorts solve the dilemma by having a higher waist that balances out the length.
High Waist Leatherette Short

To have it more wearable for the day I would pair it with a looser T, blouse, or sweater. When it starts to get even colder in the mornings you can wear it with tights. The best part of this particular pair of shorts, it comes in 3 more colors- Burgundy, Olive, Teal

I have always liked a more of a vintage feel to my clothes so I picked the burgundy pair to purchase. I think they would look great with jewel tones and neutrals this coming season.

Loop of the Day: Oh You Pretty Things

I woke up this morning with this song in my head. Have you ever found yourself loving the music your parents grew up with? Does it help bring back fond memories? We have such a strong emotional attachment to music. I think it starts with the moment we are aware of our own or our mother's heartbeat, it's comforting. 

Today is Friday and I can't tell you how excited I am for this extended holiday weekend. For once I'm not making plans, and it feels really good. I like having the option of staying in bed all day, or taking an impromptu car drive somewhere. It doesn't matter what I do as long as I can spend some time with the love ones.

So, I wish you my reader a wonderful day and a fun filled weekend.
xx- Albee

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Book Recommendation: Under the Dome

I have always had my tried and true authors that I stick to. Creature of habit? Most diffidently. While pursing the book shelves of my local thrift store I stumbled across a pristine copy of Under the Dome by Stephen King. I believe it came out a couple of years ago in the Fall. Since most of the authors that I'm faithful to release their novels around the same time, I had some hard decision making to do. Under the Dome was put on the back burner. To be honest I stop reading King after awhile. I seemed to be have pretty vivid nightmares on the nights I read his work.

Back to the thrift store. Have you seen a copy of the novel yet? It's a 1072 page turner, a little hard to miss. As I was looking through the knit wear I glanced over to the book shelves and saw a man standing right in front of the novel. Being the selfish little creature that I am, I ran right over and snatched it up. In my defense, he must have not seen it himself as he was looking two tiers below. The man laughed as I picked it up and joked that I just wanted it because it was the biggest one. Looking back, that sounded like a double entendre. Whatever, I was able to buy what I truly wanted.
I can't remember the last time I picked up a novel that was so long. It seemed like a daunting task ahead of me. Can you be intimidated by the number of pages in a book?  I'm the type of person that even if I'm not engross in a novel I'll finish it just the same. I just can't see myself wasting time like that, besides it always feels good to complete something. 

The novel is written in an omnipresent narrative. We get to "watch" a small town react to a dome that has fallen over them and sealed them off from the rest of the world. There is a clear antagonist that thwarts the efforts to be released from the dome so that he may gain power of the community. I found that was the common thread, big or small it was about power and what others will do to gain and keep it. On the flip side of the coin, there is a group of people that come together to try and help the community and discover what has caused the dome to appear in the first place.

For me to think it was an undertaking to read the novel, I can only imagine what King felt writing it. It is a novel about a town and the many residence with their own voice of experiences. It was a much easier read then I thought, I just couldn't put it down. I even brought it in a backpack out to the desert ( a Kindle would have been perfect ). I wanted to see it through and have the characters I like get though their predicament.

If you have any questions regarding the book feel free to comment below.

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