Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Anything, Anything

Good Morning Folks! I'm getting a late start to my day. I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately and I really think it's due to the lack of sleep. I function at my best when I have at least nine hours. Sounds like a lot, huh? Yesterday I received my new Laurell K. Hamilton novel and found myself reading it from cover to cover with out stopping. 

I stayed up till 1 a.m. trying to finish it before I went to sleep, goes to show how obsessive I can be. Now I'm paying for it by waking up later then usual and being extremely lazy. I need to pick myself out of this funk because I have things to do and people to see. Seriously, I did noticed that my skin and metabolism was suffering from the lack of sleep. Sure that these are things that only I would notice, but I noticed them just the same. I need to get back on a good sleeping schedule because getting up with Adam at four in the morning is killing me. I find it hard to go to sleep at 8 at night to get my full nine hours. It just seems so early and makes the night go by too fast. It's just another thing to keep in mind, to take better care of myself.

 Update of this past week on diet change and exercise. I've been trying to use my elliptical at least 3 times a week for an average of 30 minutes at a time. A friend of mine is hitting the local track and logging in miles every morning. It seems like something I'll join in on alternating days. I had meals at home with no fast food except for the McDonald's run last Friday. (shaking my fist at Ronald) Thanks for making me addicted again. I really did blow it at the park on Saturday. I had picnic food of ice tea, hotdog, burger, barbeque chicken, potato salad, ice cream sandwich and brownies. Sounds like a lot for a sitting, but I just had a couple of bites of Adam's burger and chicken. I'll indulge once a week so that I don't feel deprived. So far so good.

Have you noticed the lack of clothing posts? I have, how boring (yawn). I think most places are settling into the season and bringing nothing new to the table. 

1. Florals

2. Tribal Print

3. Cut-off Denim Shorts

4. Crop Tees

5. Maxi Dresses and Skirts

6. Lace

7. Wedges

Am I missing anything? So to fill the gap I have been thrifting. Yesterday I picked up a handkerchief hemmed dress and a pair of bleached out jeggings. I will probably feature them in a post some time next week.

Sorry for being so lax on posting. I promised park pictures and that's what you'll get. Till then enjoy your morning and I'll be back later in the day.


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