Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bigger Than Us

Good Morning! I hope that everyone will have a great day today. As for me I'm starting a list of all that I want to accomplish today. I use to make fun of my mom for always needing a list, now I find myself doing the same thing for everything. It really is just easier to do that, then to go back on something because you have forgotten. 

I start my day with music, something is always playing in the background. Most of the time I get stuck on one song that gets played over and over again. This one for sure will be playing while I get ready for the day, following me from room to room. It will make it to my car and will be playing while I drive around taking care of errands. Growing up, my t.v. was always tuned in to music channels. I think music videos compile everything I love all in one- music, story, and visual aids. Maybe I'll start sharing my all time favorite music videos. 

O.k., time for me to get going. There really is not a better feeling then accomplishing your goals no matter how small they may seem.



  1. haha, the older i get, the more i need lists!

  2. I have to make lists too! Otherwise I get sooo distracted (blogging!coughcough!) and nothing gets done. :)


  3. oomph- Maybe it's not the fact we are getting older, just that we have so much more on our plates now more then ever. Darn adulthood, ha ha.

    Jenn- Ha ha, I know what you mean. I can get trapped in the blogsphere for hours on end.

    the nyanzi report- Thanks for commenting hun :)

    Hope you all have a wonder filled day.


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