Wednesday, June 08, 2011

New Shoe Crush

So I've been dreaming about a pair of flats lately. I wasn't sure if I wanted a leopard print or cute glittery ones. I caved in and stopped by this local store today. Funny- I haven't been in that store in months, I would say almost a year now. The manager was in and totally remembered me and we chatted for awhile. That's when you know you're a shopaholic, when employees know you and do courtesy calls on upcoming sales.

They had the Soda Scout Flats in black and champagne. I was able to get mine for less than $12, at that price I should have nabbed the black ones too. 

I love the idea of wearing these to dress up my normal jeans and t-shirt outfits. 

 You'll be able to pick up a pair through for $13.20 originally $15.20. The site has them available in champagne, silver and multiglitter.


  1. thats cheap for 13 dollars~~~~and i luv the gold glitter~~~so chic~~~~


  2. Hey Jessy, I just couldn't pass them up at that price. Ha ha, I wanted to kick of my sandals and slip these on right after I bought them. I can also see myself using these as a backup once I'm done wearing heels for the day. Thanks for the comment, and I hope your having a good day.

  3. I really like those shoes but they don't look nice on me cute on you though

  4. so cute and what a good deal! i saw a cool pair of soda striped TOMS-looking shoes that i really liked today. they were $18 and i totally felt like they weren't a good deal (cuz they weren't on sale) and didn't buy them. though now i'm kinda regretting it!

  5. The flats are so cute :)I am loving the pretty glitter

  6. Very Cute Albee!

    I have the same pair but find them really uncomfortable to wear.

    I have to post as anonymous bc stupid blogger is still acting up when i try to post using my account name.

    Had to show some love though!!!


  7. Ohhh! Beautiful!!!


  8. bella- Thanks, I was looking for another pair of neutral flats.I can see myself wearing these practically everyday.

    Claire- Oh, those sounded cute. I have yet to pick up a pair like them. I've heard that TOMS were really comfortable.
    I know what you mean about shopping regrets. I always get so sad that when I finally decide to get something and it's gone.

    Dora- Thanks, I love glitter in small doses.

    Lupe- Yea, when you buy cheaper priced shoes you always run that gamble. I figured that if I have problems with them I can always use extra padding to help me out.

    Vanesa- Thanks, I fell for them the moment I saw them.

    Thanks dolls,I appreciate the feed back. Hope you are all having a great day. xo-Albee

  9. I just bought a pair like that at Target for $12.99. I LOVE them!

  10. Roxy Heart- Hi sweetie. That's right, I forgot Target had them. I <3 mine, and I love to wear them with my casual outfits. Thanks for the comment.

  11. oh yes i think i have a crush on those shoes too! they are so cute! i love how soft of a gold they are, more of a champagne color, i LOVE!!


  12. cb- Thanks for the comment. They are a great shoe to dress up my casual wear. I think they'll be replacing my tennies for awhile :)



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