Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh, I Like...

Good Morning! This song is diff getting me geared up for the day. One of the reasons for this blog was just to share images that I like- be it fashion, photography, music, or films. In this video Luciana is wearing one of my all time fave outfits: leathery leggings, deconstructed T, and a leopard jacket. If you want your clothes to say that you are a bad ass rocker chick that would be the uniform to wear. I should really do an Inspiration Board featuring Luciana. Her style is amazing and I think a huge part of it is the attitude that is portrayed. 

Allllrigggghhhttt now. I wish you a great day and I'll be seeing you a bit later with an OOTD, crossing my fingers and toes that I'll get it done today. Love ya, muahhh.


  1. love it, leather leggings and a simple tee is one of my fav as well, you can look so hot without trying so hard in them :D

  2. Pop Champagne- Most of the time I opt for comfort, and w/an outfit like that I'm not compromising. Thanks for commenting doll.


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