Thursday, June 09, 2011

Outfit of the Day: June Gloom

So, have my outfit posts getting more casual? Where I live, what we call "June Gloom" has set in. The morning starts out grey and foggy, then a couple of hours of sun before the fog rolls back in for the evening. When I use to work at a tanning salon this was the busiest month. People wanted to start a base tan so that they weren't pasty at the beach, and the out-of-towners would come in because they couldn't go back home with out a California golden tan. That is my tip of the day, if you are planning on visiting Ca. don't do it in the month of June. The weather is crummy.

Today's weather calls for a casual and comfortable. I totally stepped out of the house with out any jewelry. This would look cute with a long chain necklace, mix media bracelets, or even big statement earrings. 

What I'm Wearing:

1. V-Neck Grey T-Shirt- Target

2. Skinny Cargo Pants & Pink Braided Belt- Forever21

3. Champagne Glitter Flats- Soda

4. Sunnies- Vans


  1. You look super cute-love the colour of the t-shirt! I'm coming to Cali (San Diego) in July and I am as pasty as anything so I'm going to go spray on tanning before I go!

  2. Hello! your style is so gorgeous!! Btw, lets be friend and follow each other! would you mind to exchange link with me?

  3. I love this outfit! So casual but cute. We have the same kind of weather up here. Anxiously waiting to see if the sun can burn off the gray clouds and bring us a sunny afternoon!


  4. Steffy Pros and Cons- Hey there :)Thanks for the comment. I had a heck of a time finding a pair of skinny cargos. These I love and the fact that they are aging well.

    Tinfoils Tiaras- July will be nice down here, especially in the beach communities. San Diego sounds like fun and I'm hoping to be able to visit some of the parks down there too. I totally hear you about trying to get some color before hitting the beach. Have you spray tan before?

    bandungboutique- Thanks for visiting and leaving a sweet comment. Sure we can follow one another :)

    The Suburb Experiment- Hi Jenn! I figured you would have the same weather. Darn, coastal fog- ha ha. I'm right with you, I need some sun right now. What I'm not looking forward to is the heat. Oh well, can't have it both ways. Thanks for the comment about the outfit. More often than not, I'm in casual wear. I need to step it up though with more accessories.

    Thanks for the support in leaving comments. I look forward to reading them as I'm sipping my coffee in the morning. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend to come. xo-Albee

  5. Cute and comfy. Yes.


  6. Ashley Rae- Hi hun, hope you're having a good weekend. Thanks for the comment. I <3 casual clothes & it's something that the Bf prefers me in. It's always a struggle not to buy another tee or pair of jeans. At least w/this photo I have cargos on :)


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