Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Watercolor Florals

It's another gloriously warm day here. This little dress is the perfect thing to wear as I'm running around taking care of errands. Since Adam and I live in a rental that was built in the 50's we have become resourceful when it comes to keeping cool. We are now toying with the idea of a swamp cooler. As it is we are living with fans in every room at every open window. Some day I'll be living in central cooling :)

1. Floral Dress- Target

2. Pink Braided Belt- F21

3. Pink Ballet Flats- Crocs

4. Mini Bowler Bag- Puma


  1. very feminine look today with the florals and colors...i like it! we don't have ac in our house either, but i'm used to it, lol!

  2. oomph- Awe, thanks :) I realized that I just don't do enough dresses. It's just so easy to don on a pair of shorts and jeans that I haven't put much effort into the day by day. One of the main reasons why I haven't been doing OOTD post.

    Thanks for keeping up w/my blog and your continuous support in commenting. xo-Albee


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