Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baja Bags

Baja Bags Cuetzalan Purse $19.95

Girls Bright Backpack $21.95

Fancy Blanket Bag $16.95

These cute Baja bags would be ideal to use walking the Strand, checking out flea markets, or while I'm enjoying an outside concert venue. They fit my criteria in completing the whole boho vibe and the carefree spirit it encompasses. You may purchase these through or at your local store.


  1. The embroidery is amazing! =)

  2. Hope Adela Pasztor- Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment :) I totally have to agree with your assessment. I'm really debating between these handbags which one is the best for me.
    xx- Albee

  3. it's nice to have lot of variety ... love the collection


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