Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Watch This

La Mer - The Ring Watch in Rose Gold $50.00

La Mer- The Stud Watch in Black and Gold $90.00

La Mer- The Silver Egyptian Chain Watch in Purple $98.00

Since we tend to mix media when it comes to bracelets why not own a watch that does it for you? These wrap around watches combine classic and modern perfectly.  I can see owning and wearing the black one when I feel a silver band just isn't enough. You may purchase these and many more through


  1. Wow they are all gorgeous!!

  2. i have a la mer watch. it's gray. i love it though now that i think about it, i haven't worn it in a while. mostly because i've been obsessed with my big manly watches!

  3. Roxy Heart- I know, right?

    Claire- I <3 my man watches too. These fit into that masculine style w/ a bit of a feminine twist. You should break out that watch in one of your outfits, I loved to see that.

    Thank you ladies for keeping up w/my blog. xo-Albee


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