Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ports O' Call and an OOTD

Went out on a little excursion today to San Pedro. It's basically a hop, skip, and a jump from home. Since the bro has been on summer vacay, we have been trying to catch up on all the local sites. Our next planned detour will be the Natural History Museum in downtown L.A.

Today we just walked around Ports O' Call and the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

I won't bombard you with all the pics in one shot. Today is a head to toe F21 outfit. I believe the skirt is still available through the site and also comes in gray.

Alright, guys and dolls- hope you are having a wonderful day.


  1. I loved the blog *-*

    What do you think of following one another?
    Let me know if you like the blog *--*

    Van Kisses ♥
    @ vanespp

  2. Thank you Agora to pronta. I enjoy the variety of your posts and will be looking forward to your updates.

  3. Lovely photos dear!

  4. hsquaredfashion- Thanks doll :)
    <3 Albee

  5. so great to play tourist in your own town. we take advantage too often of what's around us. love the skirt...great outfit for hopping around town!

  6. oomph- I know, right? It's funny that we both live in places people come and visit. We just take the local sights for granted. I just want to take advantage of all the free time I have right now.
    I <3 the skirt too, and still debate if I really need the gray one also. Hope you have a great day.

  7. Super cute photos!

    I just followed your blog!!..
    make sure to follow mine to :)


    check out my blog to:)..


  8. STRUT- Hi hun, thanks so much for following my wee little blog :) Just checked out yours and L-U-V it, following right back.
    xx- Albee

  9. seem like a fun place to be~~~i luv your outfit btw~~~so summer inspired and the earring are very pretty~~~~


  10. Hi, thank you!
    I'm following you.

    Kisses, Van *-*
    @ vanespp

  11. i really like ur skirt! its so pretty!

  12. love the first shot. wonderful architecture.

  13. Cute outfit!
    I gave you an award! Come see!

  14. What a fun day, it's absolutely gorgeous there and so charming! And your outfit is just adorable, love the floral print & forever 21. Enjoy your weekend. xx veronika

  15. This trip looks fantastic!! Your outfit is super cute, I love your skirt :)

  16. Thanks Jessy for the comment :)

    Agora tô pronta - Thank you for the support and looking forward to sharing posts with you.

    Miss Independent- Thank you, it has become one of my favorite items in my wardrobe.

    the nyanzi report- I do love how that turned out also, just happy I didn't have to dodge a lot of people to take it.

    Roxy Heart- I can't believe that you've given me an award. I realllllly love and appreciate it. Thank you, and I'm sending a big hug your way :)

    GIRL AND CLOSET- Veronika, thank you for the sweet comment. It turned out to be the perfect day for a stroll down the harbor. It's been a struggle not to wear floral all week long, hee hee.

    Lidiya- It was a good day trip and I can't wait to continuing doing something like that through out the summer. I will diffidently be keeping the blog updated on my adventures. Thank you for the support in commenting.

    Blogging has been a wonderful experience, and you have made it possible. I wish you all a fantastic week. xx- Albee


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