Monday, July 11, 2011

Indie, I LUV U

Indie, I <3 U

Dorothy Perkins tan dress
£19 -

H M short jacket
£12 -

Cream shoes
£4.99 -

Zara cotton handbag
$50 -

ABS Allen Schwartz floral ring
$45 -

$9.50 -

This past weekend I enjoyed watching a marathon of the Indiana Jones films. I love the period costumes and the lovely ladies hair and makeup. If today I was a maiden in distress, I would be wearing these items as I jet set across continents to get away from the bad guys. 


  1. I LOVE that dress!!

  2. chic pics!
    lvoe the soft tones
    perfection for summer!

    I followed your blog!
    hope you follow back!!..


    check out my blog to :)


  3. cutest shoes ever! i love that others are following along with the huge platforms. god forbid anything should happen to my danys, i will need to find another pair of equal height to wear my clothes, lol!

  4. Roxy Heart- The dress is dreamy, with the ruffles and the tucked waist line. It's perfect for most body types. I have to keep a look out for something similar out here. Thanks for the comment doll :)

    STRUT- I tend to gravitate towards the extreme sides of the color spectrum. Soft nudes, blushes, and pinks are my go to when I'm feeling very girlie. Come to think about it, I like those colors on just about anyone- very complimentary. BTW, following right back.

    oomph- I own pink patent ones in that style. I will be so sad the day I have to retire my Danys and then follow through with altering all my pant hems :)Just like you maybe I should be looking to stash away an extra pair :)

    Thank you for the support and comments. Have a great day!

    xx- Albee

  5. What a gorgeous dress! I love those ruffles! And that handbag is fabulous.

  6. Thanks for visiting me Keely :) I just realized that the style of the handbag is like the old 1920's men leather carry-ons. I adore those too.
    xx- Albee


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