Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pick of the Day: Sneak Peek Into Fall

Picks of the Day

Cozy Knit Cardigan $12.50
Ots and Evens Lovely Brick Red Top $38.00
Pleated High-Low Skirt $33.40

As if you couldn't tell :) I'm in the mood for Fall. I've had it up to here with the humidity. I'm longing for the start of cooler days when wearing anything knit is a uniform. I love the cardigan above for the sheerness of it, so that I may wear it now and then layered later this year. The details in the brick blouse is what got me. Wearing it now with a tank underneath and then layering it with a black long sleeve come fall of a mod look. Pleated skirts aren't going anywhere for awhile and it just might be the time I invest in one. The hemline is what sets this apart from all others. I can see myself wearing color tights underneath come Fall or tall boats.

So are you like me and looking forward to the new Fall season?



  1. In Germany it's definitly fall...horrible! I like your blog and now I'm following you! Please have a look to my new blog and if you like it, please follow me with facebook and google member.
    Thanks a lot and a nice evening.
    Lovely greets from Germany,

  2. love these picks..can't wait for fall!


  3. i can't believe it's fall soon. i started my blog last fall and it doesn't seem to be one year already! the weather has been so weird here that we haven't had much of a summer, and i'm only now starting to enjoy it. i'd like to hang on to it a bit longer :)

  4. oomph- I think that I'm over the summer clothes. I'm ready for a change. Not that I don't love maxi dresses, and rompers. I just can't wait to transition those into the colder months. I think we've had such late seasons this year. I don't remember having a much of a spring.
    Congrats on your almost your one year. That is such an achievement. You do such a wonderful job on your blog and do hope you keep it up for years to come.
    xx- Albee

  5. dear winsome- I can't wait either :) I've been browsing boots of late. I think I'm lacking in a rain boot and some thing stylish in a short boot with a heel. Loving the fact that fall clothing is slowly debuting in all my favorite stores.
    Thanks for visiting me and commenting.
    <3 Albee

  6. fashion meets art- fall can be a downer at times. I love bundling up, and watching the rain fall. I hate driving in traffic and the roads are wet. Have to take the good with the bad. Thanks for commenting and following my blog :)
    w/<3 Albee


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