Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hats (for) Fall

 Gucci- $495.00
 Alloy- $24.90

Forever21- $8.99

I have been slowly falling in love, which we all know that it will be a lasting, soul-mate kind of love over this hat. The Gucci hat has been on my radar since the Fall show. Since it's a bit out of my price range I have been on a look out for something similar. Maybe I can DIY using feathers or I'll just hold out for something better to come along.

xx- Albee


  1. I am a HUGE fan of hats so am drooling over the Gucci one but my wallet won't allow it!

  2. The Alloy hat is fabulous! Hats are a fun way to bring an outfit up a notch. I just started experimenting with the fedora this summer, and I ended up really liking it.

  3. im obsessed with hats right fav one is the first one~~~i like them with a bit more embellishment


  4. i haven't visited your blog in a while... it's looking great :) xx opinionslave
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  5. Yay, I love hats!! And I'm especially loving these gorgeous picks for fall. I just bought a few adorable ones at H&M this past week ...and I can't wait to start wearing them. Have a great weekend hun. xx veronika

  6. Tinfoils Tiaras- I've been drooling over those hats for months now. I wish my pocketbook allowed it too :)

    Style Journey- Oh I love hats too. Fedoras are so great right now with maxi dresses and shorts.

    Jessy- I like a hat to stand out, something that makes it more personal. with the beautiful jewel tones the Gucci hats come in, it would be hard to pick one ( if I could afford it). I own a plain fedora that I change up ribbons and flowers on.

    Francesca- Thanks hun, I appriciate that :)

    Veronika- I haven't stopped by my local H&M yet. I'm looking forward to trying on the faux leather shorts they have. Anyway, while I'm there I should check out the hats too.

    Hope that all you lovelies are enjoying your weekend. xx- Albee

  7. LOVE these hat choices!!
    Of course, the Gucci one is to die for!


  8. love hats! these are gorgeous!

  9. Love these hats, I'd love to be able to wear them but sadly I just can't seem to make hats work on me! x

  10. i have such an obsession with hats. for summer it's fedoras and winter it's cute beanies. these hats are so cute. that gucci one is gorgeous!

  11. Kaila- Oh I've always liked your name :)I've been crushing over the Gucci one for some time now. The Alloy one is a good contender, and would look super cute with feathers in the band.

    fineandfeathered- I <3 hats too. I do find them a bit fussy to wear while driving though, and I can't stand hat hair. Oh what I go through for a fashionable hat.

    Bethan- I've always liked a good hat. I do know what you mean about a good fit. With this mop of hair it's hard to fit it all under a hat. I keep trying :)

    Claire- Don't fedoras go with everything? I should really wear mine more often.

    Thanks for commenting ladies. Hope that you are all having a wonderful day. xx- Albee

  12. I like these... I wish I could do hats.. My head is too big they just look funny on me LOL


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