Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Best of Mascaras (?)

If you are anything like me you have been looking for the do-all mascara most of you life. You know, the one that makes your lashes full, long, and doesn't smear. In short something that look like falsies with out being false.
I think that your ethnic background has a lot to do with the way lashes grow and react to mascara. I've been so envious of the women that don't have to use curlers and take a swipe of any old mascara and their lashes are beautiful and plenty. My background is Asian and Latin, but I pulled more on the Asian side when it comes to my eyelashes. That being said my lashes are short, stick straight and few. Along with the condition of my lashes I have naturally oily skin therefore I need waterproof mascara or else I have to constantly wipe away raccoon eyes all day.
Through the years I have tried drug store and department brands. I use to be the first one to try out a new mascara in hopes of finding the perfect one. Have you noticed that you always have to chose between either or? Either thickening, long, or waterproof? Now they added a new one, "growth" formulas. Most department store brands are not waterproof for one and they are so thick that my lashes fall and never hold a curl. 
A few years back I found a Maybelline mascara that was so close to perfect that I stopped looking for something else. The formula was thin enough to hold a curl, and build upon to darken them. It came in a waterproof formula that wasn't like tar trying to take it off. I raved about it to all my friends and a few even kept it as their go-to. At last my dream had to come to an end when they changed the wand shape. It is now a little short wand that can reach the hairs in the corners. I tried to make do, but I just couldn't build the pigment as dark as I like.
Now with growth formulas have come out I really wanted to try it. If it could help me hold on to what I have and eventually get them to grow longer I'm all for it. The price tag was a turn off and the staining of the eye lid. I'm glad that the drugstore brands have picked up the idea and put it more in my price range. I had a coupon for the Revlon "Grow Luscious" mascara. I love the wand and the bristles. The formula has a glossy thickness with a good pay off. You can build with it without the fear of spikiness. In a week or two I noticed that my lashes are longer naked without mascara. Using that mascara alone my lashes fall. My bright idea: Why not use both mascaras and build upon one another?
I use the Maybelline "Lash Discovery" mini brush waterproof mascara first to separate my lashes and to hold the curl. Right after that and before it dries I use Revlon "Grow Luscious" to build color and fullness. This has become the perfect combo for me and my stick straight lashes. My hunt for the best mascaras has not stopped. One day I'll find one that does it all, till then this is as perfect as it comes.

Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara


  1. Mascara is definitely a gals best friend, my fave has been Maybelline Great Lash Big Mascara, which is surprising since it's so well priced ...but my lashes always look awesome. xx veronika

  2. Maybelline Lash Discovery is a good one. I haven't tried the Revlon Grow Luscious one, as of yet, but was thinking of trying it out, but was skeptical.

    When I have eyelash fall, the best home treatment I can think of is castor oil. I apply it at night before going to bed, because applying mascaras regularly is constantly manipulating your lashes, causing more shedding. It's like a deep conditioning treatment to your lashes. Anyways, nice post! I'm mascara crazy too, and have long, but thin lashes, so rely on mascara to give my lashes some oomph.

  3. I've tried that too :)I had problems with my lashes breaking, maybe it was just me. I do love the look of it though(sigh).

  4. "Segments of Life"- Hum, I should try the oil at night. Sounds like a good conditioner for my lashes.

  5. Im definately going to try these because currently i use the maybelline falsies mascara which i do like but i would love to find something i love.
    Thanks for the info!

  6. Lupe Islas- You're welcome :)What is it about the Maybelline Falsies that you like?

  7. i'm drawing a blank....i think it's the infamous pink and green tube?! that's what i've been using for ages!

    thanks for stopping by. sure, following.

  8. oomph- I think that was one of the first that I've tried. Everyone swears by it. It was one of those things that I wish I could use and love too.

  9. Oomph- by the way thank you for following my blog.

  10. I like that it makes my lashes full. The brush has so many bristles that when i use it i feel like it really makes my eyelashes stand out without having to wear false ones. It is easy to take off at night with the neutrogena eye makeup remover. I definately recommend it. so far it has been my favorite drugstore one.

  11. Lupe Islas-is it a plastic bristle brush? Maybe it's something I should look into. Thanks for the heads up :)


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