Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pick of the Day: H&M

I have been looking for a solid color jumpsuit for some time now. I just love how huge and flowy the pant legs are on this one. I noticed that H&M pants run on the longer side so I have a feeling that I would have to chop off and hem a good deal. If done I don't think I'll lose the width of the leg. I can't wait for my local store to carry it and hopefully I can snag it before they run out. It's always such a gamble, my local store is so small and a lot of things that I love in ads they don't carry or just have a very small amount sent to the store. I went recently just to look around and get an idea of what they are offering for spring. I just picked up a couple of items. I've been looking for a small cross the body handbag. They did have one, but it wasn't the right one. I want to love it and I'm not going to settle for any old one. They did have a couple of cute floral shoppers that are made out of a thin poly. It measures 15"l x 19"w. 

I just couldn't pass it up at only $7.95. I thought it was a cute extra bag to carry my purchases in. (I do have a little secret, I love shoppers. My favorites have been the Envirosax and Blue Q. I will do a future post featuring them.)
I have been buying up costume jewelry pieces. It's like little trinkets keep catching my wandering eyes. I like the idea of layering several thin bracelets together. They did have this particular one in several colors. I chose the off-white with the silver thinking it would look good with the leather and rhinestone bracelet I already own. 

 H&M is one of those stores that it's hard for me to walk out of with out purchasing something.  It doesn't help that I'm already in a buying mood after visiting F21. I really think they purposely set up shop next to one another for that very reason :)


  1. I love the jumpsuit, it's really elegant :-)
    Can't you order online? That way you would be safe to get what you want.

  2. Tabatha- No they don't offer online shopping in the US just yet. Believe me, I've been counting down the days. I guess they are working on that and will have it up some time late this year into next :( Next time I'm in Santa Monica I can always check out their store.


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