Monday, March 07, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Dark Boho

So I tried taking some photos at my local parkette. It just didn't happen and I had this older women  looking at me cross-eyed trying to figure out why I was taking photos of myself. When I have a gazillion things running through my head you can totally see it in my face. The photos that I was able to take just didn't have the pleasantness that I wanted , it just looked like I was concentrating too hard :) Anyhoo- I wanted to have my lunch out there and treated myself to some KFC. Ugh, I hardly eat fast food but I have been watching the commercials and they hooked me into craving it. Believe me I savored every bite, lol.
I was entertained by this little squirrel running around the park and spinning his tail wildly. They're too cute but I don't have enough guts to hand feed them. Adam has done it before and his mom does it all the time with chipmunks. I'm afraid that once I get the courage the little critter will run a muck and get tangled in my hair or something. I just admire them from a far.
I've been doing these OOTD and I realized you really have to be in a certain mind set to do them. When I got home I had to take a breather and not pressure myself to hurry up and get a pic to post. Once I finally just chilled I came up with a handful of good photos to use.
What I'm wearing and approximate price:
  1. Black Sun Hat $13.00-
  2. Pink Sweater $20.00-
  3. Black Maxi Tank Dress$
  4. Necklace- Gifted


  1. Cute hat!!


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