Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wall Decor

Being an easy going person but opinionated and living with someone who is the exact same way makes for wild discussions and arguments. We have lived in our rental for some time now and through the years necessity has dictated what our decor is. We are both collectors of chotchkies, anything that catches our eye ends up being displayed somewhere in our home. 
Art in our home is a bit of a sore spot. Since I have had time I was the one purchasing what would go up on our walls. I told him that if you find something you like I am willing to compromise and display your choice. You really don't have no room to complain if you can't do better :)
For the longest time we have had our main wall empty and stark white. I had wanted to put up a mirror, but after hearing horror stories of accidents I couldn't do it. Adam wanted something to absorb sound for the full theater experience. I like the idea of a tapestry but it was hard to find something that didn't look like a rug on a wall, or wasn't depicting the stoner culture.
About a year ago Adam found this site that sold all types of things. He was going nuts buying up stuff and asked if there was anything on there that I would want. I hate being under the gun to find something that I have to live with in my home. I have seen sticker murals on other sites and at Ikea. I took in a deep breath and my next words was a proposal of covering the white wall with one. He didn't understand what I was saying so I had to throw in visual aids ( I think that's a guy thing). We needed something to fill the void without adding an abundance of visual clutter. He liked the idea and said if I can find one that I liked it's mine. This is what I had chosen:

It was purchased through and was under $20.00. My product had shipped from China and it took 2 weeks to receive it. Well worth the wait and happy with the quality of the product. A friend of mine thought I painted it on my wall. By following the directions we have had no issues of curling. Since we are renters this was the perfect solution to put up a piece of art that can be taken down when we move and won't leave any lasting marks. The site currently has over 200 decals to chose from with 8 different themes.
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  1. Nice wallpaper!

    Thank you for visit my blog!
    We keep in contact!

  2. vanessa- thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.

  3. That's really cute! I know what you're talking about, we have a white wall in our house, too & we don't know what to put on it. Stark white isn't really the most inviting color choice *lol* but I'm always afraid of changing it, though.
    These dacals look very nice without being overpowering. I need to discuss this idea with my boyfriend - thanks for sharing :-)

  4. This looks very cute!


  5. great picture!!you have a great blog here and a strong sense of style!just found you!i am following!kisses from greece!would love to see you on my list as well!!

  6. Tabatha- What really sold my BF was that it wasn't permanent, a low price point, and if we came across something we loved we wouldn't feel bad taking this down.I've seen people use these on mirrors and I love that look too. Whatever you decide upon I would love to see how you decorate that white wall of yours.Thanks for the comment :)

  7. Kasia- what a pretty name. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

  8. Nells- wow, thank you for the compliments. That was super sweet. Just checked out your blog and it's amazing, now following :)


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