Friday, March 11, 2011

Fiend for Shoppers

I have been obsessed over handbags, totes, shoppers, clutches- pretty much anything that can carry my stuff :) for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I had asked my mom to drive me to the Sanrio store so I can buy a little Tuxedo Sam coin purse. My parents, they really indulged my whims. I was the little girl that would save and spend all my money to own a new handbag. If I didn't have money, what did I put in them? Nail polish, lipgloss, notepad, stickers, a pen, maybe one of my little figurines. Today I still carry a few of those items, you never know when you might need them. 

I can't even fathom not carrying anything. I went to a concert once with my cousin (who by the way doesn't carry even a wallet) and my BF was in need of a band aid and a mirror. Just so happen I had both even a little antiseptic spray. Like I said you never know. My cousin was in awe and said," That is why I don't carry a purse." I don't want to be the person that is bumming off goods from a stranger or asking my BF if he can hold my gloss. I can be responsible for my own things.

I've read somewhere that the average women carries 5 pounds on her shoulders. I even known women who carry more than one bag and if they have little tykes it adds yet one more. I am obsessed with large bags. I need something that carries gloves, a light jacket, along with all my other "essentials". I want my hands free, you know just in case I have to fight for my life :) In that scenario I can use my bag as a club to swing at someone that will cause me harm.

Since shoppers have come about to carry all our consumer goods a new obsession sprang up. I can bypass all the generic looking grocery chain bags. They are so boring and dull, most just have that natural cotton look with the logo on it. I want ones that have flowers on them, cats, a retro theme, owls, wolves, octopi, fruit- pretty much anything I find cute. It seems the more I buy and use the less I have when I really need it. I also get suckered in when they only cost $2.00, thanks CottonOn. 

The best ones that I have come across and always elicit a compliment have come from Envirosax and BlueQ. I love that with the envirosax you can crumple them up and stash them anywhere, throw them in the wash and they still look good. Envirosax measured unrolled 19.5" x 16.5". They are durable and large enough to hold my hiking or my tennis gear even my dirty laundry when I travel. My first set was purchased through UO, I found that NubiusOrganics has the best prices and since they are in California I receive them pretty fast. BlueQ is known for all the quirky and cute designs. I own one of the MisoPretty shopper that measures 15.75"w x 15.35"h x 5.9" d. It is the perfect size to throw all my beach goodies in and to accompany me to Ikea. It's made out of recycled material and is a very durable product. 

These have been my go to shoppers and I'm always looking for more. Good thing for me most can be fold or rolled into a smaller size. Below are some of the products that each of these sites carry:

Envirosax- $8.95 ea.

BlueQ- $11.99 ea.


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