Monday, March 07, 2011

Picks of the Day: ft. Hardcore Punk Rock T's

  1. Bad Brains- $13.50
  2. Cro-Mags- $14.25
  3. D.O.A.- $14.25
  4. Germs- $13.50
  5. Minor Threat- $13.50

This pick was inspired by the film,"American Hardcore". It is a documentary about the hardcore punk culture that sprung up in the early 80's. I was too young at the time to understand that it really was a movement that the kids initiated and that represented the struggles and angst of growing up in 80's America. I think every generation has a voice and that hardcore punk was theirs. Being a teen and reintroduced to the music was inspiring and made you want to question and be more aware of social climates. I still think that the music is relative today and I still see teens wearing these band t-shirts. has many more t-shirts to chose from and they run the gambit of punk, classic rock (like Led Zeppelin) to current bands such as Muse. Right now all music t-shirts are 25% off.


  1. Yesterday's Sweetheart- You should look into the film, I think it's a good introduction to how hardcore punk started :)Thanks for the comment.

  2. Yesterday's Sweetheart- It was a good film and I loved the fact the interviews were current (now a couple of years old) and you were able to see what everyone was doing now.


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