Friday, March 04, 2011

Massive Art Instillation

I don't really go and travel to Santa Monica much. It really is just a stone's throw away, but when I do go it's like an event. How many stores can I get to without hitting a wall of lethargy? Sure you can take a break and grab lunch somewhere. Have you had a sit down meal and not feel tired after? Or too full with a food baby to try on clothes? I really don't want to be that woman carting around a cart either (lol). I recommend the best time to hit Santa Monica is when you're with your girlfriends, leave the men at home and make a day of it. That way you have extra hand to carry all your purchases, no- I'm just kidding. Your friends can inspire you to try something different and you can have an honest opinion if something works for you or not.
I was there for a different reason today. I had a job interview a few blocks away. I was anticipating hitting traffic on the way there and I got there super early. Maybe I just planned that out subconsciously :) Either way I had time to kill, and took a walk. I was so nervous about the interview that I only took one shot of the new Santa Monica Place and it's not even of the beautiful architecture, stores, or restaurants. I had to take a picture of the art instillation on the side of the structure.

When this placed open up it was all over the news. It was to be a beautiful place to see and be seen. Where stores like Louis Vuitton meets Hottopic. There is something for everyone. I never took the time to admire this piece as I drove by and I don't think many people do. It's amazing how something so fluid and massive is suspended on the side of a parking structure. Imagine the thought and planning, I wonder what the material is that was used.
So wish me luck and I get a call back, it really is my ideal job. FYI, I started this blog with the intention to keep it going when and if I have a full time job. There won't be a cut back on posts. In fact if I do land this job it's the perfect location for people watching and inspiration.


  1. Good luck on the job, doll! I'm sure the interview went great! Keep us posted!
    Btw, I love Jenny from the block! :)


  2. Ashley Rae- Thank you so much for the support. Just sitting here crossing my fingers, and now they're cramping-lol.I will diffidently keep everyone posted.I just love the blogging community :)
    She will always be "Jenny from the block".Such an inspiration- that determination and hard work does get you where you want to go.


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