Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Movie of the Week: Shopgirl

I just watched this trailer and kind of got misty eyed. That's just me though, I'm a crier. It doesn't hurt that it has a Death Cab song playing in the background. Have you ever found your self in a relationship that was almost or could have been the one? This is a fantastic story of one young woman and the choices she makes in relationships. It shows that life experience really does mold who we are.  Claire Danes plays the main character trying to find a connection with someone in a town that's (portrayed as) superficial. Not only does she find one person, but two that she feels that there could be something between them. I love that Steve Martin and Jason Schwartzman play her opposite and how different these characters are compared to each other. It's based off of a novella written by Steve Martin (to my chagrin I have yet to read). 
Aesthetically the film is beautiful. It captures L.A. with the art nouveau history, and each characters personality reflected in their homes. I wish my place has a little more mid-century design influence like Claire Danes character.
The film is rated R for adult content. It's more of a girl flick, but like me I'm sure you can relate. It is one of the most favorite and beloved films in my collection.

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