Thursday, March 03, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Overcast

Even though it's gloomy out and chilly I'm still wearing my sunglasses. My brother was generous enough to be my photog today. Just another day running errands. I had stopped by my friend's work on the way home and was able to play catch up for 30 minutes. I'm trying to make time for my friends. Yes, it is a two way street but I need to make more of an effort. So now it's up to me to set up a lunch date with her and a mutual friend. Crossing my fingers and hoping things come together. 
Tried to stay warm with the idea of layering. I always seem to get hot when I'm driving and when I'm walking about outside I'm freezing. To satisfy my internal thermostat I am wearing a light, unlined, hooded anorak with a short sleeve sweatshirt underneath. My grey Levi's are tucked into my light beige boots that can also be seen here
 A list of what I'm wearing:
  1. Unlined Anorak $15.00-
  2. Short Sleeve Sweatshirt $17.95-
  3. Blue Scarf-
  4. Grey Skinny Levi's-
  5. Beige Boots-
  6. Brown Van Sunglasses $10.00-


  1. That scarf looks commfffyyy
    come visit and follow if you like :)

  2. Gabrielle- yea, that scarf is always the first one I pull to use. I wish that I bought it in the other colors they had available. Thanks for checking out my blog and the comment :)

  3. i wear my sunglasses no matter what weather!


  4. Briana+Stephanie- I'm so blind w/o them. I hate squinting into the sun, and let's not talk about eye wrinkles,lol. Thanks for the comment and stopping by :)

  5. I wear my sunglasses when its gloomy sometimes too. You look so adorable and I love the scarf on you:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  6. Hi Mimi! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment/compliment. I enjoy your blog and the "Fun Friday Finds".
    <3 Albee

  7. cute outfit!

    pls visit and follow my blog on

  8. Fashion State of Mind- Thank you for the comment/compliment and visiting my blog :)


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