Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Everyday Muse: Maran

"Everyday Muse" will be a random feature to this blog that will be a dedication to all the women that I know. If you are anything like me when you meet someone for the first time what do you do, but look to see what they are wearing. Some people are more covert and tactful when doing the once look over, others are plainly obvious. I don't take it as an insult I don't think it's meant to be one. I find that everyone is and could be inspirational.
The first woman that I chose to feature for this post is Maran. It was on a visit that had inspired me to do this blog in the first place. What better way to share style ideas and strive to reach cuteness everyday :) She had suggested to do an outfit post featuring hoodies. Since that is one she wears so well I told her that she should do it. I'll feature her and her everyday style. I thought it would be boring just showing you guys a photo I also wanted things that highlight her personality. The cutey that she is, sent me a list:

1> likes: reading at least three books at once
2> will do anything for an Oreo
3> likes: keeping her childhood pillowcases
4> has to wear heels around the house for practice
5> likes: having her bedrooms walls painted orange
6> is able to turn any ordinary sentence during a conversation into a song lyric
7> likes: singing in the shower; too shy to do that in public
8> is able to quote lines from movies after watching it only two times
9> likes: hanging upside-down while talking on the phone for hours on end
10> puts whatever she can find in the fridge on her sandwich, hoping it'll taste good

I read this and thought she was such a genius to package her personality in this format I think I will do it with everyone else who follows. It's almost like those 3 minute dates. Not only is she a sweet person always trying to think of others and will always stick up for the underdog she is a budding writer. Maran has written short stories in journals for as long as she could read and write herself. A few have been published in her school paper. Below is a little exert from her current work:

"Her adorable smirk of a smile merely fit in with the way her eyes sparkled. It seemed as if she would leap out of the photograph and wrap her little girl arms around me – almost as if she knew me. The expression she has on is worn with such comfort. “She must look like this all the time,” I think to myself. For she looks like her father has just told her the funniest joke, and she’s trying her hardest to not burst out with the cutest laugh that I know she must have. And yet, I haven’t even heard it."

At her age I can only predict her talent to grow. She has been trying new avenues to creatively express herself and her artwork is another example.

So, thank you Maran for being the first ever "Everyday Muse". You are a light that will only get brighter over time with a warmth that people will gravitate towards.


  1. she is really super cute!!!
    very cute blog girl :)
    hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same

  2. Thank you Syrious. I'm following you on Google :)
    I loved the comparison post of Gisele and Rihanna.


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