Saturday, April 23, 2011


Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in the color Gunmetal

So this is my new polish that I featured in my mini haul video seen here. It took 2 coats to achieve the same color that is in the bottle with a top coat to enhance the sheen. I am on my full third day and I would say that it is very durable with only minor chipping. Oh it's nothing that a little dab couldn't refresh. Normally polishes only last about a week for me with all the wear of washing dishes and laundry that I do. Overall I'm "Xtreme-ly" happy with it, it might just be my new bargain brand that I turn to.


  1. I love this brand of nail polish and I have this particular color! I think it's a great bang for your buck nail polish!

    xo, Ashley

  2. Ashley (Free Honey)- Hey thanks for visiting my blog. I think that this shade has to be in my top 5 to wear right now.
    I just skimmed through your blog and I like what you and Becca are doing.You found a new follower in me.

  3. I really like that color. I have to go get it.

  4. Hi Roxy Heart. Thank you for the recent award. I <3 it.
    The color is super pretty and I've been in love with the shade forever.


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