Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Seeing Red

I adore this vintage pleasant top that I rescued a couple of years ago. Surprisingly it's the one white shirt that I haven't destroyed yet (knock on wood). I hope in the photos you can see the details. I've worn this previous spring and summers. It's too cute with a floral skirt and of course boot-cut/bell bottom jeans or cut-offs. To satisfy my boho kick, I'm using my red fringe cotton handbag I purchased through I should have also bought it in black (sigh). The earrings I've had forever and can't remember where I bought them. I couldn't find my other, way cooler ones. Oh well- I guess it's high time to invest in some type of earring stand.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday (:

xo- A


  1. Beautiful top!) You can combinate it with different looks)

  2. Oh thank you Lucie L. I so love this top. I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for another one.

    xo- A.

  3. this top is really fresh for spring and summer! i love the white on white details. you definitely have the boho vibe going on! all you need is your floppy!

  4. oomph- I totally forgot my floppy, oh well. Next time. It's so overcast outside today. I had to grab my denim jacket to wear. It made the outfit more country than boho.I ended up taking it off in the car :P
    Have a good rest of the day.


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