Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Official...

I am also including an agate ring in with the GiveAway goodies. Yesterday I made one for myself and absolutely fell in love with it. The pictures don't quite pick up the hue of the ring. The color is like a milky light grey/blue. Reminds me of the color of natural ice, an iceberg. The stone isn't flat but faceted and is 35mm long. The size of the ring is close to a 6.5 - 7. Since it's hand made it's hard for me to get it accurate. I'm in no way a professional, it's just a hobby for me. Hope you like the "extra" I'm adding to the GiveAway. Good luck to all that entered. If you haven't done so yet you may click on the image on the top right hand column that links to the GiveAway post.

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