Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pick of the Day: Wedges fr.

It's official I have a shoe fetish. No, it's not one of those whips and chains types of fetishes. It does give me the giddy high to wear something beautiful on my feet. These are my top picks from the site and I'm really trying not to talk myself into purchasing  the 3rd pair from the top. There's just something about wedges. They give me the height I so desperately need and the visual weight to balance out a heavy top. I'm back to daydreaming and trying to save some cash in my wallet. Sounds convincing, huh?


  1. Ooo pretty! I like that top pair, it looks like little bows :)

  2. I love wedges, way comfier than heels!

  3. cute shoes! i think my faves are the first pair, the crinkle cream ones!

    Claire @


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